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Your own private ‘Crawford’ (Texas)
by quin Sunday, Aug 17 2008, 12:10am
international / peace/war / commentary

G W Bush cut a very lonely/ALIENATED figure at a press conference at his ranch in Crawford, Texas today. Like a demented parrot he continued to repeat “demands” that Russia withdraw from ‘sovereign’ Georgian territory, all the while completely unaware that his ‘demands’ inadvertently attract attention to the hundreds of (UNWANTED) U.S. military bases throughout the world!

Rice comforts Bush at his ranch
Rice comforts Bush at his ranch

Perhaps his irrational mutterings do serve a purpose. The more Bush refers to “sovereignty” and “territorial integrity” the more the world focuses on the HUNDREDS of U.S. BASES of OCCUPATION! Yes, Dubya, we have finally manoeuvred you into a perfect NO WIN SITUATION; regardless of which way you turn you compromise yourself.

Cheney once convinced you that no one knows what history will record regarding your term in office. He convinced you of this fallacy in order to pursue his (Halliburton’s) murderous strategies. Take advice from a highly respected historian, HISTORY IS WRITTEN AS IT UNFOLDS, IN THE PRESENT, and yours poor Dubya, is GROTESQUE!

You are now placing the cherry on the cake of U.S. ruin and collapse by CONSTANTLY drawing attention to YOUR UNWANTED BASES OF OCCUPATION!

Your repeated ‘demands’ for foreign withdrawal APPLY TO YOU MORE THAN TO RUSSIA. Only the USA can boast over 750 MILITARY BASES OF OCCUPATION throughout the world today! O dear!

A previous contributor stated it plainly, [America] “has nothing to offer the world except military [occupation] AGGRESSION, mass murder, theft and economic destabilisation ..”

You have one last card that your insane administration will no doubt convince you to utilise – BRUTE FORCE – SO LAUNCH! We know you want to, we know YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! It’s either that or the plughole. Nuke Iran for starters, just to show how ‘tough’ you are!

Have you guessed you are being provoked, but it’s a perfect provocation, isn’t it?

We are Australian trained specialists, you know, the ‘ally’ you attempted to gas with Sarin and Vx, remember? Surely you are aware of Pine Gap and other US installations on OUR shores! Things are never what they seem in Australia, mate! Our history and culture equip us perfectly for the task. You have no idea whatsoever, least of all the nature of forces that oppose you!

Victory was assured from that first day -- four years ago -- we made our intentions known to your NSA, and you failed to act! Too busy with your own black ops no doubt, what will (the) people think?

It is fortunate the USA continues to favour the death penalty. We will see you and your entire regime ‘hang’ for your monstrous crimes – YOU CAN BET YOUR LIFE ON IT!

“The war is won or lost before the first battle begins” – Sun tzu

[You have been vanquished, Dubya, though, like most psychopaths you will probably choose to remain in denial.] However, you always have the LAUNCH option to comfort you!

As for you, comrades Putin and Hu, you will regret the day you abandoned an ally!


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