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Rice demands immediate Russian withdrawal from Georgia
by Kingfisher Saturday, Aug 16 2008, 6:10am
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

[It hurts doesn’t it?] We are all apt to overlook glaring indicators during frantic media bombardments of mis/disinformation, especially the one currently raging over Georgia’s unprovoked attack on South Ossetia. But note the tone of desperation in the media today! The measured and calculated propaganda campaigns delivered during the illegal Balkan and Iraq interventions are gone; they have been replaced by a truly mindless, disjointed rhetoric punctuated with hysterical simian screeching from Georgia and Texas.

After signing a ‘peace’ deal with Russia, puppet Georgian Pres. Saakashvili screeched condemnation at Western Europe for refusing Georgia NATO membership; while Bush intoned the LYING chorus, “Russia invaded Georgia,” from Texas, hoping beyond ALL hope that someone outside the USA would believe him!

With the exception of the USA, 2 +2 = 4 everywhere else in the world. If we hearken back to the infantile rage and humiliation Bush displayed when he didn’t get his way with Georgia’s NATO membership at an earlier NATO meeting, the reasons behind Saakashvili’s insane invasion of S. Ossetia and the identity of the instigator become clear -- everything begins to fall into place!

With a modicum of analysis Bush’s tiny, pee-wee ruse is easily detected! Overused tactics and propaganda strategies become TRANSPARENT as the public develops familiarity. Put in American comic book language, the whole world now views the White House with X-Ray vision, and what a ghastly sight of criminal maggots and cockroaches it reveals!

All Corporate directors involved in resource exploitation at the point of a gun or via bribery of local despots and dictators must be tried for their crimes against humanity. CEOs, Bankers and Corporate directors are the most reprehensible criminals of all as they hide behind the puppet politicians they place in power – South Ossetia, anthrax letters, the murder of Reinado and countless other crimes against the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD MUST BE ANSWERED!

Timing is everything in politics, war and analysis. A very late but nonetheless, damning autopsy report – revealing the execution of Timorese rebel leader Major Reinado, was released during the current Georgian crisis! [Forces for truth continue to prevail and we have not missed the point!] That information was released at this very late time to draw attention to the fact that the forces behind the execution/assassination of Major Reinado, who was interfering with the exploitation of HUGE oil reserves by WESTERN interests, are the SAME forces responsible for targeting innocent civilians in South Ossetia. THE OIL CORPORATIONS are BEHIND ALL the wars, killing and invasions on the planet since 1999 – among their many other interventions in recent times.

Oil Transnationals, their CEOs and directors are RESPONSIBLE for all the bloodshed and innocent deaths, including countless women and children; Bush, Sarkozy, Brown, Saakashvili etc, are mere but knowing puppets!

Corporate CEOs, Bankers and Company directors are the most heinous, unspeakable, vile, scum this earth has ever known! Their taste for human blood and environmental destruction knows no bounds; they view all of us with the utmost contempt and consider us to be no better than beasts of burden to be sacrificed at a whim! South Ossetia proves beyond any doubt that hard working average citizens are readily sacrificed for THE PROFITS OF BANKERS AND OIL COMPANIES! Make no mistake, the proof is in your face!

In view of the huge number of innocent civilian deaths that CEOs and their ilk are responsible for, it becomes very difficult to refrain from dragging them from their homes and offices and stringing them up on the nearest signposts!

Never view these Corporate sociopaths as human, think only of the millions of innocent deaths they are responsible for in Iraq, the Balkans and Central Asia.

Consider the insane and desperate actions of Saakashvili targeting civilians in order to incite a greater conflict and create the need for ‘humanitarian aid’ or disguised US military presence. America has demonstrated its attitude to innocent human life in Iraq; the lackey Saakashvili has taken the money in the same way as the extremely unpopular Polish leader for the surprisingly quick change of heart regarding AMERICAN missile ‘defence’ installations now clearly seen by all as meant for (targeting) Russia!

The arrest of Karadzic failed as spectacle and distraction due to the compromising information Karadzic possesses on high level American politicians and officials, it was all ready to backfire in America’s face -- not a peep from the Hague since!

The case of the anthrax letters also failed to move the public in the desired direction; it became clear the attacks were failed INTERNAL operations conducted by forces within the US government and its agencies – it’s like seeing your government for the first time, isn’t it! Knowing your government views YOU, the people, as a resource to be sacrificed whenever the occasion arises is a very sobering experience! Sing your spangled crap now, Jethro!

It should not be forgotten that Indonesian president, Suharto, received approval from Washington and London prior to conducting one of the most murderous and cruel attacks on the defenceless people of East Timor in order to secure the oil and gas resources of the tiny province.

These deaths and the cold blooded murder of five Australian journalists at Balibo by (now known) Indonesian commanders were needless, as East Timor finally achieved statehood – only to be invaded by Australian ‘peacekeeping’ forces acting as proxies for Western Bankers and Oil Corporations. [That is NOT the way WE do it, Gentlemen!]

The Truth of Corporate intrigue behind wars of plunder and the deaths of millions of civilians is now a matter of public record thanks to the debacle of South Ossetia. Malevolent forces are now in panic mode; their disjointed and hysterical responses to date, betray the FACT!

Where do YOU stand CITIZEN, are you a human being, a convenient beast of burden or a sheep fit for slaughter?

After necessary arrests have been made; notwithstanding Saakashvili and Bush must be surrendered to the Hague on war crimes charges, further neo-con vermin eradication must proceed until all manner of scum including Wolfowitz, Perle and Rumsfeld are tried before the people.

Legislation allowing for the immediate removal, by the public, of any government that goes rogue or BECOMES UNREPRESENTATIVE -- less than 30% approval rating -- must be passed and implemented in order to avoid criminals hijacking government again!

Your demand for immediate withdrawal is acknowledged, Ms Rice; however, please note WE DEMAND THE COMPLETE REMOVAL OF ALL US MILITARY BASES OF OCCUPATION from all occupied nations throughout the world. WE PARTICULARLY DEMAND THE REMOVAL OF ‘CAMP BONDSTEEL’ IN OCCUPIED KOSOVO!

Failure to comply will these demands would attract a severe response resulting in you and your simian President being among the first to be tried for war crimes and other crimes against humanity!

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