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Historic Aussie Battle remembered
by major mitchell Thursday, Aug 14 2008, 5:02am
national / peace/war / commentary

About bloody time!

Long Tan is without doubt one of the bravest and most heroic battles in WORLD history. There were 300 Spartans bathed in myth and then there were 160 real Aussie fighting men of extraordinary valour and bravery. A handful of Aussie troops fought approximately 1600 North Vietnamese Regulars and WON the battle.

Like all great Australian events/achievements our stinking cringing, COWARDLY colonial governments have been slow at recognition, you loathsome scum. In this case late is not better than never, Mr Rudd. Why do you fight illegal, criminal wars for America, you chicken-shit?

The Americans had intelligence of the impending Vietnamese attack but withheld that intelligence from our command no surprise to anyone who is familiar with American scum! Fortunately, an Aussie signals officer tracked rudimentary enemy communications otherwise the attack would have resulted in a slaughter which is probably what the Americans desired for political reasons.

A small unassuming documentary was made some years back, which features interviews with Aussie and Kiwi troops who fought in the battle. It should be screened in every Australian school. We do not require Hollywood fantasies, we have Australian history and reality to support our character.

Rest easy comrades, we cannot nor do we ever forget!

From the Australian Broadcaster:

Rudd backs for bravery medals for Long Tan soldiers

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says it is "absolutely right" to award bravery medals to some of the Australian troops involved in the Vietnam War battle of Long Tan.

In the battle 18 Australians died when 100 soldiers fought 1,000 troops from North Vietnam.

An independent review called for the reinstatement of the Star of Gallantry for the troop's leader, Major Harry Smith, and the Medal of Gallantry for two of his commanders.

The medals had been recommended after the 1966 battle but were not awarded.

Mr Rudd says their actions were heroic and deserve appropriate recognition.

"The fact that we were able to prevail in that encounter and lose so many Australians on the way through, I think most Australians are now familiar with, but it's absolutely right that we now provide appropriate recognition for the heroism so displayed and I'm glad that that has now occurred," he says.

2008 ABC

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