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Headline: “Rice warns Russia of int'l isolation”
by barra Thursday, Aug 14 2008, 3:36am
international / peace/war / commentary

Secretary of State and presidential fellatrice, Condoleezza Rice, has excelled in more ways than one this week. First, let’s establish hard reality; the cesspool of American spin, propaganda and flagrant LIES associated with the Georgian fiasco is a clear indication of desperation in the ranks of the Bush administration -- which is unravelling at speed since the GROSS MISCALCULATION of urging Georgian (lunatic) President, Saakashvili, to mount a military strike on civilians in South Ossetia.

'Dr.' Rice
'Dr.' Rice

According to the ICC at the Hague, Saakashvili’s action of mounting an unprovoked attack on civilian targets would clearly CONSTITUTE A WAR CRIME. But Rice and her simian president are ignoring the fact! Furthermore, the Bush administration is engaging in a failed propaganda campaign – Kosovo, Iraq, Anthrax, WTC7 and evaporating passenger jets have inoculated the world to the spin and crap that issues from the White House like the effluent from a ruptured sewer pipe! Go ask Murdoch if he thinks you can get away with it one more time!

However, compliant American mass media continues, in the face of hopelessness, to bombard a now very cynical public with misinformation reminiscent of the WMD, aluminium tubing, uranium from Niger and ice-cream truck mobile “anthrax” labs! Tell it to your grandmother because you’re pissing in the wind and we all know the results of that folly – YOU COMPROMISE YOURSELF!

To add another layer on the ‘cake of lies and lunacy,’ Rice is insisting that the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Kosovo and Serbia – I mean Georgia -- must be respected! Shall we take a walk down Balkan lane with some International lawyers, Condi? Or should we sue the neurosurgeon who performed the lobotomy, instead?

But to serious matters like “INTERNATIONAL ISOLATION” -- roaring laughter from everyone in the room! I’m sure that ‘little beauty’ constitutes the cherry on the White House fruitcake.

The ‘politics of inversion’ has taken a flight into the absurd. Stating that the international community is likely to isolate Russia (or China) is taking inversion politics to levels of incredulity that the average American idiot wouldn’t accept! Have we forgotten so soon that America voluntarily surrendered almost its entire manufacturing base to China and that Western Europe derives most of its energy from Russian spheres of influence? Also, the Chinese people are acutely aware that America has gone to great lengths to spoil the Olympics via their tactics with the Dalai Fraud and timing Saakashvili’s attack for the opening ceremony of the games – if you wish to discover the real pariah nation take a look in the mirror!

It might prove to be a very cold and naked winter sitting on the floor eating raw food with nothing to watch – you stupid bitch! But you will do a little better next time, won’t you, ‘Dr.’ Rice?

We also suggest you leave Cheney and dubya in their own private ‘la la land.’ The world needs China and Russia far more than it needs America, in fact the world needs America like it needs a hole in the head!

A failing nation that has nothing to offer the world except military AGGRESSION, mass murder, theft and economic destabilisation is a ‘real attraction!’

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