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"He makes no friends who never made a foe" -- Alfred Lord Tennyson
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Keep your eye on the tactical Pipeline-Oil wars
by dingo Wednesday, Aug 13 2008, 3:06am
international / peace/war / commentary

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, today rightly dismissed Georgian president, Saakashvili, as a “lunatic” and “bastard terrorist” after Georgia’s unprovoked attack on South Ossetia -- which resulted in thousands of civilian deaths. Callous US/NATO strategists, utilising a very reluctant Saakashvili, intentionally targeted innocent Ossetian civilians, but why? The Georgian president’s life in now in danger from furious Georgians AND WESTERN FORCES who would stand to gain in the propaganda war if Saakashvili were assassinated and the murder blamed on Russia!

The only "CHANGE" Obama offers is skin colour!
The only "CHANGE" Obama offers is skin colour!

Take note ALL U.S. puppets -- the USA has demonstrated since Vietnam and the wars it currently wages that it values human life less than any other developed nation – a total of FIVE MILLION innocent civilian dead since Vietnam to date.

Information released today by forensic pathologists reveals that Timor-Leste’s rebel leader and patriot, Major Afredo Reinado, was executed at point blank range by a high powered rifle, as was his trusted lieutenant, Leopoldino Exposto who accompanied him to the (trap/ambush) ‘meeting’ with president Ramos-Horta, see link for details.

The “zillions” in Timor-Leste’s oil and gas reserves ‘demanded’ action from EXACTLY the SAME FORCES responsible for the Balkan wars, the illegal appropriation of ‘pipeline corridor,’ Kosovo; the criminal Iraq invasion and plunder of its oil wealth and the ongoing war in Afghanistan over strategic corridors and gas reserves. What advantage is NATO/America able to gain by callously killing thousands more civilians in Georgia?

First thoughts were that Saakashvili’s lunatic attack was a diversionary tactic to draw attention away from the planned attack on Iran; but Burma’s generals and Indonesian officials provided another answer; ‘HUMANITARIAN AID!’ Aid today is a form of economic and tactical warfare; supplying hundreds of millions of dollars for ‘humanitarian emergencies’ effectively enslaves the host nation, which finds itself forever servicing HUGE debts to provider nations or their agents, the IMF/World Bank. Impoverished nations with nothing to offer the voracious West are usually ignored or receive very little aid!

Aid intervention also provides easy access to restricted areas and allows for intelligence gathering and recognisance. Aid ‘worker’ also provides (intelligence) agents with a suitable cover and allows for a continuing presence in areas that would otherwise be off limits – the aid organisation CARE has been utilised by the CIA since WWII. However, Russia is not fooled by such banal ruses. The Russian President, PM and Foreign Minister have all expressed their disgust at Georgia’s slavish acquiescence to the West and the flagrant disregard for innocent human life that Saakashvili openly displayed.

Indeed, America and NATO have become the largest criminal organisations in the world with staggering death tolls and a myriad broken laws to verify the fact. Infamous American gangster, Alphonse Capone, rightly accused the US government and Big Business of the greater crimes; he described himself as a small fry in comparison.

Almost everyone is ‘singing’ humanitarian aid at the moment including, eunuch tenor, Oz FM Stephen ‘kneepads’ Smith, who couldn’t give a definitive statement to the press regarding the type of aid he would offer Georgia until he conferred with his handlers in Washington. We note that Smith – under orders from Washington -- was one of the first foreign representatives to recognise Kosovo as an (illegal) state; a servile act that provides additional proof that America LEADS other/weaker nations in crime, mass murder, plunder and military adventures!

Energy wars, political intrigue, geopolitics and other considerations aside, it should now be clear to THE PEOPLE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD that their respective governments consider them as EXPENDABLE! A contemptuous, DISPOSABLE RESOURCE whenever the occasion demands it – FUCK!


The other irrefutable FACT to emerge from recent events is that America perceives China and Russia as ENEMIES – American capitalist ideology prevents it establishing mutually cooperative solutions with nations it 'perceives' as competitors.

I would mention, to highlight the AMERICAN IDEOLOGY, that the USA was ready to EXPOSE AUSTRALIAN TROOPS TO SARIN AND Vx nerve gas without their knowledge and pressured the government of the day to allow the tests/experiments. It should not be forgotten that the disgustingly servile Australian government of today believes itself to be an ally and friend of America -- you fuckin’ spineless morons! Sarin and Vx gas on a close ally BUT NOT ON THEIR OWN BOYS -- for Christ’s FUCKIN’ sake!


The solution the world will face soon enough, is the eradication of the murdering mad dog of the world – how many more innocents must die for the profits of Bankers, Transnationals and Oil Corporations? THEIR answer is simple, the sheep are fit for the slaughter – what’s YOURS?

All other solutions have been tried and failed!

OBLITERATE THE BEAST; launch without hesitation!

Topol-M, mobile launcher
Topol-M, mobile launcher


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East Timor urged to investigate assassination 'execution' claims
by Staff report ABC via rialator - ABC News Thursday, Aug 14 2008, 8:49pm

East Timor's main opposition party, Fretilin, is calling for an independent international investigation into the assassination attempt on the country's leadership in February.

The call comes after the autopsy report of rebel leader Alfredo Reinado indicated that he was executed rather than shot from a distance by security forces during the presidential assassination attempt.

The report obtained by The Australian newspaper shows Reinado and one of his top rebels were shot at point blank range.

Senior Fretilin MP Jose Texeira told Radio Australia's Asia Pacific program there were more questions than answers surrounding the events of February 11.

He said there should be an international panel investigating the attack on East Timor's President and Prime Minister.

"We need an international investigation in order to overcome all of these questions of impartiality of all those involved in an investigation," he said.

"I think people are looking forward to justice and a credible process to take its course, and I think that for allegations as startling as this to come out is a concern to us all.

"The Parliament has provided an indicator to the Government that it should be an international investigation.

"As long as political leaders figures maintain level heads and insist on a transparent and independent investigation I think that could minimise any political tensions."

© 2008 ABC

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