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Orchestrated wars: three times is one time too many!
by finn Monday, Aug 11 2008, 10:28pm
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The ILLEGAL unprovoked, U.S. backed attack on civilian targets in South Ossetia by Georgian forces is now an extremely familiar strategy. First used to great effect in recent times on Yugoslavia, then Iraq – LIES, provocation, response, escalation, destabilisation then FRAGMENTATION, U.S. bases and occupation forces – modern imperialist method in other words.

Mikhail Saakashvili
Mikhail Saakashvili

After Yugoslavia and Iraq, this war strategy has become so familiar it will soon be played to music! Putin and Medvedev wasted no time accusing the Georgian president and the officers that led the attacks on S. Ossetia of war crimes; perhaps a Siberian court to emulate the Hague Kangaroo court? Balkan and Hague déjà vu to the extreme; however, familiar scenarios do eliminate useless debate. In the circumstances the West has no legal or moral grounds from which to criticise Russia. Everything now reduces to open warfare in the Caucasus and/or the Persian Gulf – do not be distracted from America’s PNAC strategy, which it follows to the letter! The next stage is IRAN not Central Asia!

However, political overkill is not unfamiliar to the USA; the failure of Joe McCarthy’s communism terror campaign is the classic example. Another recent example is the case of the Australian conservative Prime Minister, John Howard, who against good advice decided to run -- one too many times -- an election campaign based on very familiar divisionist or ‘wedge’ political tactics. People reacted decisively to being taken for granted and treated as chumps. Howard and his party were booted so far into the political wilderness they have been unable -- after a year in opposition -- to produce a viable opposition leader. And Joe McCarthy’s ignominious death is a matter of record.

These examples notwithstanding, Cheney and his cohorts are in a class of their own. How callously they treat human life, what price a gas pipeline or a barrel of oil in the Caucasus or Iran, Dick? Two thousand dead in Georgia in two days! If the obscene civilian death toll in Iraq is any indicator, then its really about Oil Company profits and to hell with everything else including innocent human life!

We are glad the Cheney-Bush regime has set this standard which will be applied to them and the CEOs of various oil companies, Banks and other financial institutions in the near future – I hope you are all noting the rage the Georgian people are displaying toward their puppet leader, Mikhail Saakashvili, who now fears for his life.

That is the point, not even the American population believes government garbage reports on the 9/11 operation, the FBI anthrax ‘closure,’ WTC7 ‘magical’ collapse and the classic plant of the Arabic flight manual conveniently found in a parked car at Boston airport, give a moron a break! People across the globe know better today. Tired deceptive tactics and formulas no longer cut it! It will be a miracle if Saakashvili keeps his head. Not that that prospect concerns Cheney or the US Admiralty, which is converging on the Persian Gulf as I write.

Gentlemen, I need not continue; the people are no longer deceived. Beware you don’t find yourselves in the same position as your extremely foolish puppet, Saakashvili!

As for Russia surely you have your eye on the Gulf, comrades! It was stated previously but you ignored it, the forces that oppose you will stop at NOTHING – EXTREME MEASURES are required.

You will come to understand that the TOTAL OBLITERATION of the NORTH AMERICAN continent is REQUIRED if the world is to know PEACE.

The entire world will be plunged into chaos if America is not dealt with decisively; do you require additional proof? The Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, S. Ossetia and soon Iran; almost two million innocent lives lost to date -- five million if the death toll of the Vietnam fiasco is included? WAKE UP and LAUNCH; Asia, Africa and the East are best placed to survive a nuclear exchange – OBLITERATE AMERICA before psychopaths like Cheney seize an advantage!



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