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NATO provoked aggression in Georgia
by major mitchell Saturday, Aug 9 2008, 9:27pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Russia has finally responded to NATO/US attempts to encircle and compromise its defences. After promising to support its traditional ally Serbia, regarding the illegal secession of Kosovo, and failing to do anything but whimper, the Western orchestrated secession occurred. Russia rightly became the laughing stock of the developed world and was thereafter perceived to be a vacillating, timid and weak State -- a fallen superpower! Has the situation changed this week with Russian military intervention in South Ossetia? I think not, and professional opinion seems to support this view.

Put succinctly, ‘too little too late,’ much like losing the battle against runaway climate change. NATO ‘may’ respond to Georgia’s pleas for assistance and further provoke Russia while China is busy – totally obsessed – with the Olympics. The timing of Georgia’s attack should be viewed as tactical!

As planned, Russia fights alone and faces its final test of survival as a world power.

For Russia to regain international respect and be taken seriously in future it must ‘STAND DOWN’ THE WEST in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS! Every professional soldier and military strategist understands the necessity of Russia affirming its position DECISIVELY and UNCOMPROMISINGLY!

In the present circumstances and in view of past failures there is only one solution for Russia and that should be clear to any professional soldier/military strategist – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. FUCK OFF OR FACE ANNIHILATION; IT STOPS HERE AND NOW! While these words are crude the sentiment and message is clear, past failures have made threats, posturing and political manoeuvring ineffective and redundant. The nuclear response must be a PROMISE, the forces that threaten Russia and China are REAL and will not stop unless their very existence is put at risk – that should be clear to everyone, including Russia’s timid strategists!

The massive propaganda campaign accompanying Georgia’s aggression reeks of NATO/US planning, and judging from previous experience this is only the beginning. The circumstances DEMAND the strongest possible response from Russia, make no mistake!

However, Russia does have another option, it too can adopt canine status like its Serbian ally, Serbs are now the whipped dogs of Europe, a stateless people beaten and intimidated into submission; their heartland stolen from them.

It remains to be seen whether the Russian Bear is a circus performer or a formidable force.


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Bush (tries to) speak
by two Saturday, Aug 9 2008, 10:23pm

Bush called on Russia to respect the "territorial integrity" of Georgia in much the same way as Bush respected the territorial integrity of Serbia and Kosovo!

The Texan quarter-wit imagines the world has the same vacuous memory as he! Russia is simply following the lead NATO and the US set in the Balkans. You can't criticise your own tactics George, you mindless moron!

But please do us all a favour and enter the fray in support of Georgia's “sovereign rights,” you fuckwit -- Russia may then enable patriotic Serbs to do what they DO BEST!


by Yuri Sunday, Aug 10 2008, 2:48pm


Looks like all the western society is blindly following Saakashvily's bullshit in the media last few days. The guy and his american speechwriters have prepared a perfect media circus and you are facing their entertainment free of charge. Looking at UN committee on TV only sad feeling appears because blind West is following US plan.

Only stupid people are unable to understand who is playing the leading role in such conflicts, just take a Good look!.

To justify military expansionism western nations must have an enemy. Poor Osama cannot play a role in this region, the world is fed up with fairy tales anyway.

USA in crisis; USA on the eve of elections and Mr 'McClain' needs a boost.

Finally, if you really want to know who is who in this conflict - ask Mr 'Chainy' -- he is very informed because he is the author of dozens of conflicts like this.

Democracy is perfect slogan for the West to ensure that they will have enough oil to run their economies.

If you want to know truth -- take a plane to Ossetia, take a look at killed civilians and then make your solutions.

You see what you want to see, but its not always reality.


Bush from Bangkok now Cheney by 'PHONE'
by saba Sunday, Aug 10 2008, 9:30pm

US leaders display cowardice to the world

VP Dick "puppet master" Cheney displays 'brave heart' by TELEPHONE -- everyone laughs out loud -- "Russian aggression must not go unanswered," he mumbled over the PHONE.

Well, "ANSWER," you cocksucker!

We can't wait to transform the USA into an irradiated desert -- but first we'll set the Serbs onto your Capital cities -- just for FUN!




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