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Sense or Subversion
by cleaves Friday, Oct 21 2005, 5:10am
international / human rights / commentary

Australian federal government expenditure on media consultants and market analysts exceeds three hundred million dollars per annum. Despite all the Taxpayer’s money that is spent only a proportion of the population adopts Howard’s cringe mentality and succumbs to the contractionist politics of fear. Announce the (remote) possibility of ‘chicken’ fever (avian flu) mutating and a percentage of the population rushes pharmacies and exhausts the supply of an anti-viral drug reputed to alleviate some of the ill effects (but not prevent) this disease. [Remember the Y2K scare and associated hysteria?] In answer to the tiniest ‘army’ in the history of warfare (a few dozen ‘terrorists’) we turn our whole existence upside down running in fear and loathing at every little alarm that our lying politicians would sound.

If you feel you’re being manipulated you would probably be right. Faced with implementing the most unpopular Industrial Relations policy in the history of the nation the Prime Minister is advised, by his highly paid consultants, to distract and confuse with other ‘urgent’ issues and diffuse the public’s focus – thereby weakening the negative impact on any one issue.

At present we have three major issues in our faces, avian flu, assault on worker’s rights and the introduction of draconian anti-terrorist laws. The population is forced to confront a number of serious issues simultaneously (a well planned strategy). On an individual basis this wouldn’t pose any problem, an emphatic NO resolves two issues while avian flu jumping species is possible but highly unlikely at the present time.

As individuals we can easily deal with three or more issues at once, however, as a population or ‘crowd’ good judgement is lost to hysteria and loathing. Crowd psychology has been practised instinctively by political leaders throughout history; today, however, a scientific and calculated approach is favoured for its universality of application. In view of these methods of social control the obvious successful counter-strategy is subversion of crowd consciousness by emphasising the idiosyncratic elements that constitute every personality – a million irregular pieces never combine as a regular whole. Emphasise difference, reverse the flow and invert uniformity.

Nothing is able to ‘manage’ a constantly shifting object/process. If you maintain your personal integrity at all costs and refuse to compromise your difference for anyone or thing, crowd consciousness is unable to form. Not one grain of sand, leaf on a tree or crystal of snow is the same as another. Your talents, personal strengths etc, lay in your irregularity and difference; conformity and uniformity are destructive to individual well being. Maintaining personal integrity prevents social manipulation and opportunism.

We are all sovereign beings; who would forfeit their personal sovereignty for the fear and loathing of herd consciousness? We connect via our common interests and objectives, an obvious example today is the elimination of Howard and his government. In this regard the focus of the people is not diffused, it only intensifies as conservative politics enters realms of the absurd – remember, people simply waking from an induced nightmare brought about the demise of McCarthyism! If we are to prevent occurrences of conservative hysteria in the future it is not enough that Howard is eliminated, he must be surrendered to the ICC for his crimes against humanity – the blood of thousands of innocent civilians demands it. Take note Bush and Blair!

Constant vigilance is required in order to prevent future excursions into the absurd politics of fear and contraction. Beware of any ideology, person or group that would attempt to impose a form of behaviour or formula for your life. Every man and every woman is a star and as such has a particular place and special course.


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