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Lost Republic: America normalises War
by budgie Wednesday, Jul 16 2008, 9:57pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Normalisation, in the social context, means taken as natural/accepted/given, something NOT unusual, foreign or affronting! Who would have ever imagined that WAR would be normalised in the USA? Yet Republican candidate, John McCain, boasts and utilises WAR rhetoric as a campaign strategy to WIN THE PRESIDENCY! “I know how to win wars,” he boasts, notwithstanding the fact there is no evidence to support his demented claim! Nevertheless, his insane ranting is accepted by the community as ‘normal’ – the FACT he is running for the HIGHEST OFFICE in the land confirms the grotesque cultural transformation America has undergone in the last eight years.

turncoat and nutter
turncoat and nutter

The American reality today is waging WAR, ‘killing ‘em, bombing ‘em,’ stealing, plundering, destroying entire nations/cultures and accepting that process as natural and given. Warmongers and psychopaths now vie for national leadership based on their ability to wage wars and spout demented rhetoric; I need not spell out where this road leads! I would mention that America is alone among developed nations in accepting or normalising WAR. Russia and China are simply getting on with the BUSINESS of strengthening their booming economies and consolidating their power bases. In contrast the American incumbent Republican president, George W Bush is annihilating the American economy and way of life!

What America really 'needs' now is another Bush or worse McCain. [Please note in no way do we support status quo lackeys like turncoat, Obama.]

The American people are faced with a very difficult choice come the elections; never ending war with Obama or mad dog McCain or a REAL dark horse independent candidate that is able to restore American democracy and rebuild the nation. Might I suggest the formula Obama utilised with astounding success; however, instead of fundraising conduct an Internet campaign for the presidency.

The founding fathers have made LEGAL provision for the people to be the final voice and decision-makers (deciders) at all times, NOT the commander-in-chief, as one demented buffoon president imagines.

Your fate is in YOUR hands, America. Utilise the peaceful weapons you have at your disposal; reject the puppets and warmongers.

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