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Civilian death toll – unacceptable/indictable!
by yarra Friday, Jul 4 2008, 11:38pm
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AFGHANISTAN -- "US-led air raid kills 22 civilians", Reuters UK reports on July 4. We need not go into detail, as it’s now a very familiar story. Whether it’s from unmanned drones, long distance artillery or missile attacks the result is all too familiar. The U.S. today is able to boast humanitarian offences and war crimes that dwarf the numbers achieved by African and Asian despots in the past.


The world is outraged by Robert Mugabe’s actions in relation to fixing elections and conducting a coercive terror campaign but where is the outrage over the flagrant crimes of the United States? According to a John Hopkins study the U.S. is directly responsible for over 750,000 civilian deaths in Iraq; add to that thousands of innocents killed in Afghanistan and the Balkans and it becomes plain THE USA IS THE MOST HEINOUS, CRIMINAL, TERRORIST STATE ON THE PLANET – but not a peep from International law makers or other nations whose duty it is to UNITE and challenge all rogue, warring, criminal nations!

How much longer will people tolerate such outrageous legal double standards before ALL law, order and civilised conventions are disregarded? ‘Offend’ me and I’ll blow your fuckin’ head off or I want your vehicle, take my 9mm slug as payment; not to mention your very pretty daughter! The law of the jungle is the simplest law of all!

If it’s a Kalashnikov society we’re approaching, not a problem; if it’s the law of the jungle you want then let her rip, suits us down to the ground. But we are highly trained personnel, what of Joe citizen or CEO Moss, poor suckers? If the law of the jungle prevails what will become of the soft, weak, cowards that populate boardrooms and executive offices? They may wish to hire our services as bodyguards – big mistake, doesn’t anyone have integrity these days?

The mindless public is unable to take responsibility for anything today; however, every in/action has consequences and comes at a price. Mindless acceptance of the most brazen legal double standard in modern history comes at a very high price indeed, as we will all soon discover.

I would have thought demanding the arrest of ALL war criminals would have ensured the continuation of civilised society but I see now I was wrong, please forgive my stupidity!

What a thoroughly tragic joke the masses are today! It was only a few decades past that people were outraged by the criminal Nixon administration and America’s illegal war in Vietnam.

I bet if I put a bullet in a Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Bush, Perle, Wolfowitz or Rove head, people would turn a blind eye!

Ned Kelly, freedom fighter
Ned Kelly, freedom fighter

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