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Heartbreaking News!
by dragan Thursday, Jul 3 2008, 8:21am
international / peace/war / news report

It’ll break every star-spangled heart to learn the truth, the overwhelming majority of people hate/detest/loathe America WITH A VENGEANCE! That’s not news you say, we already know! No you don’t! It is far worse than any American could imagine. Certain government leaders and nations appear to temporarily befriend the U.S. for very self-interested reasons but their populations detest America as does nearly every other human being on the planet!

How did it come to this? SIMPLE! People seem to take offence when they are invaded, robbed, tortured, treated like shit, deprived of their rights and murdered in the hundreds of thousands. To add to this nightmarish situation the bully of the world then occupies the nations it has destroyed, installs puppet regimes, answerable only to Washington, and sets to plundering everything of value at speed. Not exactly a formula for winning friends, is it?

To compound the detestation everyone feels for Uncle Sam, the world is tormented daily by comments from imbeciles pretending to lead the nation – ‘mission accomplished,’ ‘bouquet of flowers,’ ‘unknown knowns,’ ‘we don’t torture,’ etc, etc!

In the past imperial nations like Rome and Britain displayed real superiority in almost every field – that reduced the pain of colonised peoples who benefited from the technology and advances of the colonising culture. In stark contrast, America ruins everything it touches, gives nothing back except junk food and baseball caps while it takes everything of value the conquered nation has to offer!

Get the fuck out of everyone’s faces Uncle, or cop the consequences! IS THAT CLEAR? Obviously not! Ok, here’s what to expect for inflicting untold pain, suffering and humiliation on various cultures around the globe.

But first a little primer for authenticity’s sake. How much do YOU think a REAL nuclear weapon – not a tactical bunker-buster, a New York multi-warhead waster, costs? Let’s say hundreds of millions to make a point. Now consider the amount that is hacked from ALL the major financial institutions/banks -- including the criminal tax dodging Caribbean banks -- in a year. Add to that gains from more traditional illegal enterprises and you have a very well financed group! On an annual basis income approximates a few billion, give or take a few hundred million. Every market has its ups and downs! That is more than enough to deal effectively with the rogue, criminal, USA. It’s NOW in YOUR face, Uncle, and we promise you a lesson you will NEVER forget or recover from.

I am not referring to ‘terrorists’ of convenience paraded on video every time votes are required or staged building demolitions and evaporating passenger jets. I am referring to a REAL nuclear attack that cannot be prevented, as it is completely independent of agency involvement – ‘don’t it just break your heart?’

Never underestimate the emotions and dedication of someone whose entire family has been slaughtered by criminals working in the service of the Americans. Compound that hate with a garish base of occupation named Bondsteel, which is situated on sacred land won from centuries of struggle and sacrifice. A land soaked in the blood of the proud people that have called it home for almost a millennium and you have a REAL WAR on your hands, Uncle!


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by watson Thursday, Jul 3 2008, 9:44pm

A nation reviled by the entire world CANNOT SURVIVE -- obvious to all but the fuck-knuckle yanks. Whenever by whoever, YOU are going DOWN, Uncle! Good fuckin' riddance.

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