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Infighting highlights the FRAUD that is Christianity
by fish Monday, Jun 30 2008, 8:23pm
international / theology / commentary

Regardless of social activity/institution we can count of conservatives to really disrupt and destroy. The Anglican Church is the latest example of conservatives creating schisms that promise to further weaken the Church. Well done, Dr Peter ‘arch-conservative’ Jensen and other Paulinist Archbishops of the destabilising FOCA faction! I would remind conservatives that Paul of the Epistles is NOT the Saviour; that position has always rested with Jesus of Nazareth. Paul saves no one; perhaps he even leads people to their ruin!

The absurd excuse Anglican Bishops offer for destabilising the church is a return to ‘authenticity’, that’s right, “AUTHENTICITY,” excuse me while I laugh out loud!

Religious conservatives of any faith are more often than not the most reprehensible, HYPOCRITES, liars and back-stabbing bastards you will ever encounter but please research this matter for yourselves, I promise you a very rewarding experience, one that is sure to cure you of religion forever! But to return to the protagonist of the Christian narrative, Jesus Christ!

Shall we take a walk down “authenticity” lane? How does the story go again? O, that’s right a RADICAL social reformer and teacher comes out of the desert and heads straight for the corrupt, conservative, religious capital preaching revolution and ‘scorching’ religious conservatives that confront him along the way – is that how the story goes?

I just love reading accounts of Jesus encountering the anal-ists of his time and pinning their HYPOCRITICAL, perverse, ears back! But we need to quickly summarise his teaching and the social groups he loathed. Jesus poured scorn on wealth and the mercantile classes, if you would believe the text. He openly ridiculed the opulence and fine apparel of the wealthy in the Synagogues.

Yep, sure enough, this man LOATHED MONEY and REQUIRED that his followers divest themselves of ALL worldly wealth, HARM no one and follow HIM – big ask for the opulent and violent (by proxy) churches of today! Jesus was acutely aware that money corrupts. Question, what is the secondary – the primary is power -- concern for all major churches today, their filthy finances, how did you guess?

Not one conservative can be found remaining in Jesus’ flock in the narrative; there are no accounts of conservatives following this man, except perhaps to murder him!

Really, need I cite the too numerous examples of Jesus jousting with the conservatives of his day? READ the four Gospels and concentrate on the ACTIONS and words that issued from the mouth of the Christian Saviour and leave Paul to the misogynists, anal retentives and Peter Jensen!

Religion, what a PERFECT FARCE it is today!

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