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Dalai Fraud lands in Oz
by fish Tuesday, Jun 10 2008, 9:21pm
international / theology / commentary

The meat-eating Dalai fraud has landed in Sydney and is no doubt tucking into an Aussie steak sandwich or perhaps local hosts have introduced this brazen religious hypocrite to the famous Oz mixed (meat) grill -- political pursuits require meat as fuel! However, anyone familiar with Buddhist philosophy would tell you – ‘you can’t have your Buddhist void and play politics too.’ The two incompatible pursuits are mutually exclusive but that ‘small’ matter hasn’t deterred our meat-eating Tibetan visitor – what a laugh, my dog’s hind leg is straighter than this man’s character!


What do you imagine the Dalai fraud is doing in Oz under the guise of participating in a ‘meditation conference,’ playing politics in exactly the same manner as the Catholic Popes of old; religion is a very terrestrial pursuit – what’s for dinner, Kangaroo tail stew, excellent?

The conservative opposition leader, Brendan ‘turncoat’ Nelson, another man of 'impeccable integrity' rushed to have an audience with this joke of a monk. I’ve met average Aussies in pubs with more INTEGRITY than these two brazen frauds! Nevertheless, the Dalai’s visit reminds us of an old adage, ‘show me a religionist and I’ll show you a brazen hypocrite;' what say you, Mr Rudd?

Vegetarian ‘space cadets,’ new-agers, Hollywood film stars and assorted vacuum-heads are lamenting this man as I write. Perhaps another gold medal from a mass murdering President may remove doubts; or another round of orchestrated VIOLENT ATTACKS on China may clarify matters for those left in doubt as to this man’s credentials.

Give me a break!

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