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Poetics or Propaganda
by cleaves Tuesday, Sep 6 2005, 3:17pm
international / prose/poetry / literature


Thoth the Ibis-head
records with stylus-reed on papyrus
the chronicles
across the sands of Gizeh;
and on the mountain deities
masturbate existence
(ejaculating man) for their own relation
men's minds differentiate patterns that
others tinker with and flagellate until
nothing remains except a
fox pelt nailed to a wall that
hides metaphors of idiocy
disguised as religion or law
for fear that somnambulists
should awake and
realise that knowledge is Empty

The symbolists who run semiotic
relays to validate their dreams
would have you believe that
a fool self-crowned is king
around the Nile
the Scarab
in the sand.

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