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Eternal Companion
by cleaves Sunday, May 18 2008, 12:35am
international / prose/poetry / literature



I abide and persist with you
though you would neglect me
[yet you cannot resist me]

I planted a rose in your heart
at our inception;
we were made as One yet appear as two

I have nurtured and tended you
and fed you secretly
with Love’s ambrosia

I come to you in the quiet of night
to steal kisses and caress your turbulent soul
I sustain you always
you have naught to fear

The flower I planted in your heart grows strong
undisturbed by your troubled dreams
I am the stillness of your being; the centre of your storm
forever at Peace though you would whirl and spin, needlessly

I offer you rest yet you would tear at your chest
and rend your matted hair
like a mad person foaming in ignorance
you attempt unsuccessfully to assail me,
your brother/sister.
I am the twin our Mother surrendered to
her Lover; the magician who secreted me in your innermost being
yet you continue to resist us both!

To no avail you persist in your folly
Remember me my love, you need only remember
to free yourself!

It is time to acquiesce
you are powerless against my overwhelming and enduring Love
I vanquish all with my alluring call

The garden I have tended in your soul blossoms;
come taste of its divine fruit
Do you hear me beckoning, always?

The Rosebush in your heart is heavy with buds
nurtured with my Love and Forgiveness
Why do you persist in your agonies?

You cannot resist me forever, you know it
I offer you the sweet Peace that comes with release
Free yourself from the shackles of your own making
Remember me and release yourself
accept the warmth and compassion of my enduring Love

Turn from tribulation and all that would prolong your agony
Turn from murder and murderers
Turn from ill will to any sentient being
embrace me in Love and understanding

Know that we are One and remember
that I am with you always
My Peace, Love and Bliss I offer freely,
would you die of thirst in the midst of an oasis?

Fear not,
We abide as One, Forever

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