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War America
by Kingfisher Saturday, Aug 27 2005, 6:44pm
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I didnít inhale or have sex with anyone in particular.


Consider the 'warrior' leaders of late Ė President Cigar supported a terrorist group (KLA) in the Balkans and presided over the break-up of a sovereign State while President war-is-over is attempting to hold an Arab nation of convenience together with chewing gum. Give us all a break! It is established knowledge that US Presidents no longer lead anything, they do what they are told; the ranks of the expendable are now graced with Presidents. Tough talking Presidents are now able to lead by example, itís the front line for Dubya Ė and if he takes one, would the affairs of State be perturbed?

"Let the people do the dying while we accumulate the wealth", was a popular motto of ruling elites in the recent past. But a huge reduction in the availability of morons for cannon fodder has cast a different perspective on modern warfare. Soon, bible-bashing patriots will either realise that their lives are as important as draft evading Presidents or that dying for Corporate profits is not smart!

ďAnd itís one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Donít ask me I donít give a damn next stop is Baghdad!Ē [You wouldnít lie to me Ė would ya?]

But donít forget; to die for a coloured piece of cloth, multi-national corporations or oil men, is to give death real meaning!

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