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"He who passively accepts evil is an accessory to it" -- Martin Luther King, Jr
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America: ignorance greater problem than disinformation
by yarra Sunday, May 4 2008, 11:56pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Earlier this year I reported on a retired American high school teacher who hadn’t heard of Richard Perle, a highly influential neo-conservative responsible for much of the trouble in which America now finds itself. Imagine that level of ignorance and you will have little difficulty understanding how demented 'senior' Republicans like John McCain are able to garner support for their race for the Presidency. Social and political ignorance is endemic in the USA. The schoolteacher was not the exception but the rule!

I recently took another reading from a (very) mixed American demographic but this time the question I asked directly related to the higher profile, Condoleezza Rice, the current U.S. Secretary of State.

I should have been shocked by the response but I wasn’t. Some business types had heard of her but knew very little of her activities; most first year college undergraduates were not familiar with the position she held in the current administration though most had ‘heard of her;’ a number of recent high school graduates had no idea who she was!

If ignorance is bliss then America is definitely paradise on earth; however, the reality is the USA quakes in fear because unconsciously it knows something is very wrong; strong reasons must exist to attract such hatred and enmity form the rest of the world! Yet the vast majority of Americans remain lost in an information desert of the mass media’s making.

It took only ten years for Bush and his perverse administration to guarantee America as a nuclear target in the near future. A dubious ‘honour’ that remains solely America’s – good work, Dubya!

However, an information starved, intellectually impoverished population would derive little comfort from the ignorance that results in a deadly, silent, blinding flash -- the brief prelude to vaporisation! It HAS come to this!

The highest levels of American power also seem oblivious to the fact that murderous actions attract similar consequences. Killing millions of innocent civilians, invading and plundering other nations does not endear America to anyone -- sharing some of the bloodstained spoils buys only temporary allies. Should the civilised world continue to support such a murdering, tyrannical nation or should it engineer its removal?

The answer is obvious; the few nations that support the rogue are currently reviewing their foreign policies. The current presidential candidates offer no hope whatsoever, some even excel in their messages of hopelessness. We should now all be familiar with Hillary Clinton’s “OBLITERATE” Iran policy and McCain’s 100-year war and occupation of Iraq – NUTS! Obama is of course the unknown quantity; he makes some intelligent noises but he is also aware that if he truly attempts to implement change and alter the status quo he will be eliminated – one way or another!

So the world prepares its own response/solution to the disease America has become. It’s possibly too late to reverse certain undertakings – perhaps some extremely radical reforms bundled with sincere compensation and ongoing reparations may halt the inevitable – but we doubt it!

America is indeed on a highway to hell – ignorance is not bliss, it is calamity!

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