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Robert Gates threatens Iran, ho hum!
by finch Thursday, May 1 2008, 8:22pm
international / peace/war / commentary

In full view of the Iraqi holocaust and cognisant of the fact that America and Israel are the only expansionist, invasive, plundering, murdering, nations in the world today, let’s call a spade a spade. The criminal USA has deployed another aircraft carrier to the 'Persian' Gulf in a show of force and possibly to prepare for an attack on Iran – China and Russia have no illusions regarding the U.S. military build-up in the region. Uncle Sam may get a bigger shock than anticipated – aggressive warfare comes at great cost though the time of payment may not be immediate!

U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates
U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates

Soon it will become apparent to all that the American spoiler and marauder will not be stopped with words, diplomacy or by the fairy godmother! Since the bombing of the Balkans in ’99 America has only ESCALATED its illegal, militaristic pursuits! Failure to reign in Hitler early resulted in a greater calamity later. The star-spangled mad dog must be stopped and unfortunately the only deterrent this beast understands is force.

Humans are extremely reluctant to face the horrible truth that a nuclear exchange is inevitable. America has shown only contempt for respected international laws and conventions. The situation, as is evident today, can only deteriorate. If the world aspires to a peaceful coexistence in the future the beast must be stopped at all costs NOW!

The world can no longer tolerate an aggressive, buccaneer nation plundering weaker nations and illegally imprisoning and torturing anyone it labels a threat to its pursuits.

Sooner is preferable; the generals are fully cognisant of the fact that they must ‘stand the enemy down’ with the LAW on their side and the uncompromising threat of nuclear OBLITERATION if the USA persists in its criminal activities.

It’s an extremely unpleasant prospect to face but failure to act NOW would result in even greater loss of life and destruction tomorrow.

Do not forget that Hitler and his foreign ministers deceived ALL the leaders of Europe – must we make the same mistakes at even greater cost today?

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