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"All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting" -- George Orwell
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Oz PM sacrifices Aussie lives for U.S. criminal enterprise
by barra Sunday, Apr 27 2008, 8:37pm
international / peace/war / commentary

The justification the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, offers families and the Australian public for the needless deaths of our servicemen in Afghanistan is that al-Qaeda attacked ‘his’ ally the USA! Al-Qaeda is Bin Laden’s organisation; they are clearly not Afghanis! The people responsible for actions against western occupation forces in Afghanistan are Afghanis; the same tribal groups that fought Alexander the Great and Imperial Britain. The propaganda offered by western occupation forces to justify wars of plunder, land acquisition and occupation convinces only the feeble minded. None of it justifies the cost – in human lives – of the current occupation. This particularly applies to Australia, which is so far removed from Afghanistan that all attempts at justification meet with sneers and incredulity.

Rudd the dud
Rudd the dud

Our region is the South East Asian, South Pacific Island region Mr. ‘lackey’ Rudd – have we learnt nothing from slavishly following America in Vietnam?

It is widely known that al-Qaeda operates from the Pashtun region of Pakistan and Waziristan, NOT Afghanistan. Native Afghanis, regardless of their politics or religion, have an inalienable right to repel all invaders and rout occupiers from THEIR LAND – period! The criminal aggressors and occupiers in this war are the AMERICANS and their lackeys and no amount of lies, justification or propaganda can alter the fact!

Occupying foreign lands and killing the people is an extremely unAustralian activity – we need not refer to our repressive past at the hands of Imperial Britain to remind us. The nation has not yet fully healed/recovered from the shame and guilt of Vietnam and yet Rudd asks us to prepare for more casualties in yet another illegal war.

It is clear Rudd has learnt nothing from recent Australian history. Whether he is an ignorant lackey or a conscious American slave is irrelevant; we must teach him that our presence in Afghanistan is completely UNWARRANTED and unacceptable. The prerogative is ours; if he refuses to heed the lessons of the past the people will ensure he becomes a ‘one term wonder.’

The Rudd experience should teach all Australians that former bureaucrats and media darlings make the worst possible leaders. Australians have had a ‘gutful’ of PMs who slavishly toe the American line.

The shame and guilt of the Vietnam calamity lingers today. Must we compound the error with yet another spineless Prime Minister?

Americans were responsible for three million civilian deaths in Indo-China during the Vietnam War; they were also responsible for destabilising the region and allowing fanatics like Pol Pot to assume power in Cambodia. If we add the two million Pol Pot killed to the three million directly killed by U.S. led forces we get a figure we can truly be ‘proud’ of – FIVE MILLION INNOCENT LIVES LOST as a direct consequence of American policies!

The current holocaust in Iraq is a clear indication that all Central Asian interventions will meet with certain defeat. Must we continue to pay for the ignorance and folly of our leaders with VALUABLE young Australian lives?

Rudd is currently repeating meaningless American slogans like the “long haul” and the “way forward,” etc – all of which remind us of the oft repeated, “light at the end of the tunnel” during the Vietnam debacle. The difference today is the public knows a ‘croc’ when they hear it!

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