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The ‘right royals’
by dingo Friday, Apr 25 2008, 10:21pm
national / peace/war / commentary

At times we Aussies, usually for a number of reasons, get ‘the right royal shits’ and this is one of those ‘fuck everything’ days – everyone should have one, the therapeutic benefits are immeasurable! But to return to the causative factors: Australia’s hollow PM, Kevin Rudd, was in his element yesterday performing before the media at one of the nation’s most enduring and FORMATIVE commemorative ceremonies – ANZAC day.

For the uninitiated and foreign readers, ANZAC day celebrates a miserable military defeat suffered by Australians and New Zealander’s at the hands of the brave, under-armed and manned, fighting Turks, during WWI. We were whipped like the cringing colonial dogs that we were (are?) That’s the Truth – NOT THE FUCKIN’ MYTH!

Regardless of a ceremonial Federation in 1901, Australians maintained their colonial mentality and allowed themselves to be commanded by the inept British; they had few alternatives at the time, Ned Kelly had been hanged 30 years earlier and the fighting Irish and nationalist spirit was considered treasonous behaviour by the ‘crown!’

The defeat at Gallipoli was largely the result of Australian officers submitting to a colonialist cringe mentality that sent thousands of brave men to their deaths on orders from a bunch of fuckwit pommy officers having tea and planning tactics somewhere far removed from the front – FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

It is staggering to think that ‘independent’ Australia would submit to suicidal charges and attacks at the “neck” – an impossible mission that led to wave after wave of brave young Aussie (idiots) dying like dogs for no GOOD reason whatsoever! The result is I detest poms, sepos but especially cringing, colonialist, CONSERVATIVE Australians, you cringing cocksuckers! [Though the phallus eagerly lapped up today is American – you servile, gutless wonders!]

A century later the colonial mindset persists in the form of political conservatism/monarchism. The former Howard Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, unashamedly proclaimed why he was a devout monarchist – “I am a conservative,” he said, “because I don’t believe in throwing out something that works,” implying our ANTIQUATED monarchist constitution ‘works!’ Well, so does a fuckin’ horse and cart, Downer, you mindless, fearful, colonialist! But today we have automobiles that outperform functional horse-drawn carts – such stunning logic could only come from a conservative ‘mind!’

ANZAC day -- get over it and dispense with the colonial mentality it carries as baggage. Celebrate the AUSTRALIAN VICTORIES on the Western front if you must, but for Christ’s sake, GROW UP!

Perhaps we should start by shooting all conservatives on sight – little joke -- can you hear me ‘laughing?’

Downer, Howard and Ruddock should be held accountable for their complicity in war crimes (Iraq) and subverting hard-won civil liberties. Stick that in your ceremony, Rudd, you perfect non-event! What about that drunken dropkick, Keelty, you gutless turd? Then there’s the BHP water pillage issue, which paralyses the Rudd ‘government.’ I could go on but YOU couldn’t handle it! Get FUCKED!

[I feel much better now – and you can get stuffed too!]

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