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Superpowers prepare for War in the Middle East
by finch Tuesday, Apr 15 2008, 9:52pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

The superpowers are quiet at the moment but its not a restive quiet, it’s a lull before the storm! Few would misinterpret Cheney’s recent (preparatory) trip to the Middle East; Bush’s plan to ‘get Iran’ is about to be realised; Syria will have to wait or perhaps that task has been allotted to Israel. This war will see the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons by America and its ally Israel – the utter murderous INSANITY of it all -- but what of Russian and Chinese interests in the region?

China is now fully aware of America’s machinations and intentions via its lackeys the Dalai Fraud and pipsqueak Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd. However, non-aggressive China is loath to confront the reality that the limited resources of the earth will be bitterly fought over by America, Russia and China – there is no escaping that fact. America has set the tone and method of dealing with competition for these resources -- violent confrontation, WARS!

America offers the world Iraq as an example of its handiwork – life has never been worse. It is an unfortunate FACT that life under the dictator Saddam was preferable to the hell and ruination America has wrought on the nation – Iraq today is a living hell. This is reality; Saddam’s cruel dictatorship is a cupcake compared to America’s military intervention; one million innocent dead, four million displaced and a ruined state. So we know exactly what to expect from the lunatics in the White House – more of the same and worse!

I recall the outrage of the American people when a former president was caught committing a minor illegality, known today as the ‘watergate’ affair. It may surprise many to learn that watergate was a simple break and enter designed to obtain information on political opponents, Nixon was a paranoid of the first order. However, the people would have none of it and the President was forced to resign over the issue. Compare Nixon’s minor misdemeanour with the crimes of Bush and Cheney then ask yourselves what happened to America’s outrage, sense of legality, propriety and MORALITY?

America deserves its fate and I have nothing more to add except perhaps, to clarify matters for China and Russia. The generals are in agreement – if it’s not done now it will have to be done later, the perfect opportunity to launch a full-scale nuclear strike on the maniac nation is when it attacks Iran OR ANY OTHER SOVEREIGN NATION. America’s future plan is of course to attack China and Russia, but first it must create civil wars and internal disturbances in order to weaken resistance and the ability to counter-strike. General ‘blind Freddy’ has no problem seeing!

None of us are warmongers, in fact, most deplore violence but the present, horrific circumstances and REALITY dictates the remedy!

In the face of an insane superpower ‘hell-bent’ on world domination, obsessively pursuing its own and the planet’s destruction, no other choice presents itself. Many previous attempts to rein in the belligerent USA have failed. The current presidential front-runners offer more of the same lunatic policies, but no hope!

We must all face the very grim reality that America is the greatest threat to the world today – REALITY AND THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

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