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Kristina Keneally image Bereft Yank Premier Divorced from Reality baz, Tuesday, Feb 22 2011, 7:15pm
A headline from one of Murdoch’s Aussie rags reads, “Kristina Keneally says she can still win NSW state election!” For international readers not familiar with this woman, she is an AMERICAN pretending to power in the State of NSW, Australia – not difficult to understand in view of the recent WikiLeaks exposure of Labor Party factional leader, Mark Arbib’s treasonous relationship with Washington. If that revelation doesn’t turn the Australian people then the prospect of enduring more incompetence from a Yank State Premier, might. (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

'Judge'  Wynn Miller with American flag image American Conman Preys on Gullible Aussies jas, Saturday, Feb 19 2011, 7:41pm
Whenever any brazen conman rears their treacherous head in this country responsible citizens are obliged to expose them, as occurred with English lunatic, David Icke, who pocketed thousands in Melbourne espousing (his) belief that shape-shifting lizards rule the world – I mean give reason a break! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Feb 20 2011, 6:49pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Shirley Temple could do a better job in Defence image Oz Defence and the Price of Political Subservience to America major mitchell, Friday, Feb 18 2011, 6:45pm
I will only elaborate here, as a running history of our treasonous politicians’ absolute servitude to Washington at the EXPENSE OF OUR NATION’S REAL DEFENCE CAPABILITY is available for reference on this site. From disastrous submarine purchases to the recent inferior quality and costly Superhornet purchases (at Washington’s insistence) Oz politicians have not only been GROSSLY derelict in their duty but downright TREASONOUS! We are now less capable in the region than we were prior to recent defence ‘upgrades.’ Indonesia has countered our ill-advised, INCOMPETENT purchases with less costly but FAR SUPERIOR weaponry and aircraft purchased from Russia – not to mention Singapore, soon to PURCHASE OUR STOCK EXCHANGE, and China’s expanding role in the region. (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

Assange with his mother image Assange claims Oz Labor Party "co-opted" by US baz, Sunday, Feb 13 2011, 6:23am
In an interview televised on Australia’s SBS last night, Julian Assange made the ‘highly revealing’ claim that the Oz Labor Party is essentially a bunch of errand boys and girls for Washington, Wow! We really didn’t know that, but Julian, there’s the ‘little’ matter of the L-i-b-e-r-a-l Party, and that traitorous, bastard, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, you remember him, don’t you, Mr chief EDITOR, Assange? (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / commentary

capitoleflag.jpg image Egypt: Army intervenes, Mubarak forced to step down quill, Friday, Feb 11 2011, 9:09pm
A wave of euphoria swept through Cairo’s symbolic Tahrir Square after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was forced to resign and hand over power to the military. However, the joy and euphoria of the moment may be short-lived if the PEOPLE do not remain VIGILANT and INSIST on REFORM and REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT – we should never forget the old adage, particularly in the current situation, “a change of leaders is the joy of fools!” (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

text Washington’s Belated Response to Assange bluey, Thursday, Feb 10 2011, 7:17pm
Very late in the day and well after a failed attempt by the US Administration to link Pte. Bradley Manning’s alleged disclosures to the person of Julian Assange, Washington’s Corporate controlled political puppets have released a statement indicating that they are not out to get Julian Assange, though they reserve the right to charge him if evidence becomes available in the future. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Friday, Feb 11 2011, 6:09am
international / mass media / commentary

Marianne Ny image Assange faces wrath of "man-hating" Swedish ‘dyke’ in Extradition Case nano, Monday, Feb 7 2011, 9:27pm
According to retired Swedish (female) appeals court judge, Brita Sundberg-Weitman, the chief Swedish prosecutor in the Assange extradition case, Marianne Ny, is a classic "man-hating" ‘dyke,’ or to use the muted language of the legal profession, [possesses] a “rather biased … malicious … view against men". Quite possible, but something that all sexually active Aussie males should be entirely familiar with! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Feb 8 2011, 5:20pm
international / mass media / commentary

pirate2.jpg image Lawyer on the Run from Filesharing Fiasco Kismo, Sunday, Feb 6 2011, 7:59pm
A scumbag LAWYER that engaged in the morally questionable and dubious practice of "speculative invoicing” – making accusations and demanding monies WITHOUT PROOF of violation – has ‘thrown his company against the wall’ and run from the wrath and legal litigation that his false accusations have created; we are all aware of the outrage experienced when we are falsely accused! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Feb 7 2011, 8:08pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

text Egypt Teeters jalal, Saturday, Feb 5 2011, 7:46pm
Despite all the machinations of the CIA/Washington and the cooperation of a thoroughly corrupt Egyptian leadership – which includes ‘Mubarak appointee,’ to vice-president, Omar Suleiman, head of the Egyptian Secret Service, known internationally as an arm of the TORTURING, ‘RENDERING,’ CRIMINAL CIA -- the FATE of the Nation rests wholly in the hands of the people, as is the case with ALL Arabic speaking NATIONS. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Sunday, Feb 6 2011, 8:29am
international / social/political / commentary

Assange, 'gifted' hacker image Gillard does a 'Pontius' on Assange bluey, Thursday, Feb 3 2011, 11:39pm
In response to Julian Assange’s plea to return safely home to Oz – ya gotta Luv this place and hate its spineless pollies – Oz PM, Gillard, true to form, did a ‘Pontius Pilate’ on Assange; and please, I’m not making any connection whatsoever between a martini-drinking, 40yo mamma’s boy and media glamour boy, and mythic hero/social reformer, Jimmy Jesus Christ! (story and 1 image)
international / injustice/law / commentary

text WikiLeaks: US Threatened China over Space Weapons Tests baz, Thursday, Feb 3 2011, 9:07pm
WikiLeaks revealed that the USA threatened China over space missile tests following its ground to space missile launch in 2007. The interesting aspect of the cable is how the US immediately rushed to inform its puppet allies, most of which are incapable of waging sophisticated nuclear warfare. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Friday, Feb 4 2011, 1:05am
international / peace/war / commentary

Saudi Prince Aziz image Mid-East Dominos Falling-- protests hit Jordan quill, Tuesday, Feb 1 2011, 8:22am
Jordan’s pro-American monarch feigns reform and replaces PM following street protests. Meanwhile Saudi Royalty and other US-bought Arab ruling elites are shitting their American supplied underwear. But the penny hasn’t dropped yet! The WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH OF AMERICAN INTERFERENCE, BRUTALITY and HYPOCRISY. The sooner NON-REPRESENTATIVE, failing governments comprehend this REALITY the easier it will be for them and the masses; voluntary resignations are certainly preferable to the hangman’s rope. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

allahuakbar.jpg image Egypt, the Middle East -- SEIZE THE INITIATIVE jalal, Saturday, Jan 29 2011, 7:03pm
IT MATTERS NOT who or what triggered the revolts and social uprisings in North Africa and Egypt. Mobilised masses are easily turned by those forces that best serve their interests. Freedom from oppression is LONG OVERDUE in the Middle East; it is irrelevant whether or not the US instigated another of its clandestine social revolutions THIS TIME SEIZE THE INITIATIVE and LEAD the MASSES to FREEDOM from ALL OPPRESSION – no more substitute leaderships feigning liberation! (story and 2 images)
international / social equality/unity / commentary

peoplessalute.jpg image Popular Revolt and Social Contrasts nano, Friday, Jan 28 2011, 8:48pm
While the people of North Africa and the Middle East revolt against oppression, injustice and inequity, spineless and shameless Americans line up at airports in orderly fashion to have their crotches groped by strangers. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

davos.jpg image A Tempting Target -- World’s Filthy Rich to meet at Davos fleet, Wednesday, Jan 26 2011, 10:34pm
According to Forbes, the world’s wealthiest ‘criminals’ (there is no other way to accrue such vast amounts of money) are soon to have their regular gathering at Davos, Switzerland. [“It may well be the greatest concentration of wealth in any one place,” is how Forbes reporter, Luisa Kroll, describes the ‘gathering.’]

It was all I could do to refrain from contacting some Air Force buddies to see what they could do with one well placed missile! There is no doubt that this confab of parasitic scum presents, in today’s world, as an extremely tempting target for the oppressed starving masses and freedom loving people everywhere – I wonder what the starving and EXPLOITED are doing while these parasites discuss various means to enhance their already OBSCENE wealth and the power it affords them? (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, Jan 27 2011, 12:30pm
international / social equality/unity / commentary

Not a flood according to Insurers image When a Flood is not a Flood gabe, Friday, Jan 21 2011, 7:34pm
Australian Flood Insurers’ outrageous denial of reality and morality. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

text Hackers Force Shutdown of Europe’s Largest ETS Carbon Con nano, Thursday, Jan 20 2011, 11:01pm
A digital attack in Europe’s fledgling $100 billion carbon market netted hackers over $38 million in carbon credits. The attack forced the shutdown of Europe’s entire ETS trading apparatus. To state that computer network security in various EU member States is uncoordinated and inadequate would be stating the obvious. Securing systems uniformly in diverse European States presents as a nightmare/joke.
international / imperialism / commentary

Blair image Tony Blair, War Criminal and LIAR, what’s New? styx, Tuesday, Jan 18 2011, 7:45pm
The following piece from London's Daily Mail is old news; Blair not only misled parliament he also deceived the British people; Blair, Bush and Howard, the 'coalition of willing' puppets, were clearly placed and maintained in power to serve specific interests and follow a Corporate agenda -- 'their' total disregard for the LAW, demonstrated by the illegal invasion of Iraq and the civilian holocaust that resulted, is ample proof that the interests they serve consider themselves ABOVE the LAW. While Bush, Blair and Howard remain free to enjoy the fruits of their criminal actions, we all pay the price and suffer the consequences of their actions and OUR INACTIONS.

Blair is a known LIAR and war criminal, responsible, with his coalition partners, for the first civilian holocaust of the new century – SO WHAT IS SOCIETY DOING ABOUT IT? That is THE ISSUE. (story and 3 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jan 25 2011, 12:23am
international / injustice/law / commentary

Iran's Bushehr Facility image Cyber War -- a 21st Century Reality Kismo, Monday, Jan 17 2011, 10:38pm
Western powers have been slow to develop skills in the crucial theatre of cyber warfare; nevertheless it seems, they have finally engaged. An unsubstantiated report from the UK Telegraph claims that a joint Israeli-US cyber attack may have compromised critical computer systems at Iran’s largest nuclear facility. (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Jan 17 2011, 11:20pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Martin Luther King image The Pentagon’s Response baz, Saturday, Jan 15 2011, 7:54pm
Never ever assume you’ve seen or heard the worst from the USA, as the sociopaths that rule that nation never cease assailing honour, truth, justice, morality and integrity. Just when you think that nation couldn’t possibly sink any lower, the bar of common decency and morality is lowered AGAIN. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

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