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text Anti-hacking firm RSA gets hacked Lawrence Latif via reed, Friday, Mar 18 2011, 8:06am
It seems the elite (anonymous) hacker underground is targeting IT Corporates and teaching them a lesson in SKILL and STRATEGY. [A widely known fact in the hacker community but little known in the general community, is that Corporatists are only able to enlist 5th rate hackers/security staff, as elite crewz and skilled hackers possess ideological integrity and would never assist the enemy. Also, elite hackers cannot be tempted with toilet paper dollars, as money is no problem for hackers - LOL!]
international / mass media / commentary

Eric 'corporatist' Schmidt imageaudio Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, where’s the Love? Kismo, Thursday, Mar 17 2011, 10:42pm
One can’t help but notice headlines like that (link below) but the inference couldn’t be further from the TRUTH – there is NO LOVE in a Corporate that marries the CIA, a KNOWN (MURDERING) QUANTITY, and forms a partnership of evil SURVEILLANCE on ALL Internet users -- verifiable fact #1. (story and 10 comments and 1 image and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Monday, Jun 20 2011, 7:07am
international / mass media / commentary

text Pakistan: justice denied, avarice satisfied in corrupt CIA Raymond Davis Case jalal, Wednesday, Mar 16 2011, 10:28pm
In one of the most flagrant cases of corruption and LEGAL injustice that Pakistan has recently witnessed, murdering CIA agent and Drone target spotter -- which means he is also RESPONSIBLE for countless civilian deaths, including women and children – was allowed to walk free after US officials exchanged American toilet paper money, which they PRINT from thin air on demand, for the life and freedom of a heinous criminal murderer of innocent men, women and children – for GOD’s SAKE, people!
international / injustice/law / commentary

North Pacific Jet Stream image Criminally negligent TEPCO Execs not the Exception in Japan but the Rule quin, Wednesday, Mar 16 2011, 10:24am
A little familiarity with Japanese history reveals a tradition of criminal corruption and deception from the highest echelons of society to the lowest – it’s a way of life! The deceptive and criminal behaviour of directors at Tokyo Electric, which included falsifying safety records and hiding rather than correcting problems at nuclear power plants, stems from a certain privileged class consciousness that considers itself above the law and regards the masses as nothing better than (expendable) serfs. (story and 1 image)
international / environment / commentary

seppuku4.jpg image Dai-ichi Reactor #4 in flames as Personnel Evacuated due to Dangerous levels of Radiation stew, Tuesday, Mar 15 2011, 10:16pm
Fires in reactor #4 at the Fukushima nuclear power plant were most likely caused by hydrogen build-up or heat generated from spent fuel rods exposed to the atmosphere, or both. However, the later seems to be the case as fires were accompanied by very high levels of radiation issuing from the reactor -- the result of spent fuel rods breaking down and releasing poisonous radioactive particles into the environment due to loss of cooling. (story and 1 image)
international / environment / commentary

Assange via video link on Q&A image Assange accuses Oz PM Gillard of Treason and intimates he has evidence quin, Monday, Mar 14 2011, 9:55am
After her disgusting gushing speech to the US Congress, and her huge LIE regarding imposing the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax on the Oz public, the Australian Prime Minister’s approval rating is so low snakes have no trouble sliding over it. (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / commentary

Ross Garnaut, Economist image Australia’s leading Academic Advocate for a Carbon Tax – NOT qualified! nano, Thursday, Mar 10 2011, 9:06pm
Professor Ross Garnaut has been leading the push for a carbon economy for some time, however, opposition Senator Nick Minchin revealed to the public that Garnaut is a Professor of ECONOMICS (what!) -- makes sense to me and carbon tax originators, GOLDMAN SACHS -- but it sure blows a hole in Garnaut’s credibility on the issue. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

Gillard speech, boring! image Gillard grovels with relish in her speech to Congress snowy, Thursday, Mar 10 2011, 9:05am
In an unparalleled performance of complete subservience and subordination, Oz PM Julia Gillard, committed HERSELF (thankfully, she was not speaking for the majority of Aussies) to ALL America’s CRIMINAL wars without reservation. She indirectly praised the ideology of Wall St and the Federal Reserve system, which has ruined the global economy – a ‘minor’ detail for a sycophant -- and generally sucked even harder than Catherine the Great in her address to a joint-session of Congress. (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Thursday, Mar 10 2011, 10:29am
international / imperialism / commentary

text Assange: the Price of Infamy Kismo, Wednesday, Mar 9 2011, 11:18pm
I couldn’t help but publish this amusing excerpt from an article by Sergei Varshavchik, in RIA Novosti, titled, “Saving Private Assange” – ‘saving Assange’s privates,’ may have been more appropriate considering his current legal predicament; however, it seems ‘glamour boy’ Assange is griping bitterly over the fact that director Steven Spielberg, a very pro-American Jew, is ignoring Assange’s own biased memoirs in favour of other biased accounts from The Guardian team, in order to produce yet another biased account in movie form; in literary circles it's called ‘metafiction!’ Perhaps now Assange may learn the value of ANONYMITY in his profession – roflmfao?
international / mass media / commentary

text Censorship addicted Oz LABOR government – have WE had enough yet? dasha, Wednesday, Mar 9 2011, 9:36pm
The latest PATERNALISTIC, unnecessary, social intervention by Gillard’s -- the most unpopular Labor Government in Australian history -- emanates from yet another anal Labor minister who wishes to apply the RC ‘refused classification’ category, a Stephen Conroy invented euphemism for overt CENSORSHIP, to smartphone apps – what next? Give the Oz public a break and just piss off, or cop a hiding at the elections that would go down in history.
international / imperialism / commentary

Bad Company -- Gillard with lunatic, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, John McCain image Oz PM Julia Gillard on the end of a stick bluey, Wednesday, Mar 9 2011, 7:01am
Australia’s Gillard LABOR government is about as popular as a piece of dog shit on the end of a stick at the moment. Gillard has just allowed the US to use Oz as an active, large scale military base – who asked the people? [Are we beginning to feel like Filipinos yet?] She is also attempting to implement the Goldman Sachs designed Carbon Trading scheme (con) based on the FALSE premise that Carbon emissions are the cause of Global warming – any independent scientist would inform you that the SUN is the major driver of climate on our planet and increased Carbon levels are a CONSEQUENCE of global warming NOT the cause. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Mar 9 2011, 7:23am
national / social/political / commentary

text Gillard: Beckoned to Washington to formally approve US Military Expansionism in the Region baz, Tuesday, Mar 8 2011, 8:39am
And like the servile lackey she is, Oz PM Julia Gillard fell over herself to grant every U.S. wish without proper deliberation or parliamentary debate -- notwithstanding the FACT that America’s civilian killing record to date easily qualifies it as the WORLD’S LEADING TERRORIST STATE -- fact!
national / social/political / commentary

Hero Manning and prick Assange image Bradley Manning, Torture Victim and Political Prisoner of Conscience now Faces Death Penalty anon, Friday, Mar 4 2011, 11:06pm
In a sense, it is not Pfc Manning BUT the innate human OUTRAGE experienced when an HONOURABLE SOLDIER learns that the U.S. MILITARY is nothing more than a criminal organisation engaged in the worst possible crimes against humanity that precipitates action. It was MORAL OUTRAGE, which resulted in exposure of military crimes. A million dead innocent Iraqi civilians -- the first REAL human HOLOCAUST of the new century, is simply impossible to IGNORE, as are the METHODS utilised to murder the innocents. (story and 5 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Mar 7 2011, 7:18pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Robert Gates at  West Point image The Gamesmanship of Bob Gates, US Secretary of Defense mitch, Thursday, Mar 3 2011, 9:49pm
Addressing West Point cadets recently, US Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, made what would appear to the uninitiated or uninformed, to be an astonishing statement, “Any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should ‘have his head examined,’ as General MacArthur so [in]delicately put it.” Quite a statement from anyone who holds that office; however, Gates is no fool and is acutely aware for whom these unwinnable, illegal, civilian killing, criminal wars are being waged, the CORPORATIONS or more specifically, Petro-Chemical and associated, Transnational Oil Companies. [Old soldiers roll in their graves!] (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Mar 7 2011, 7:38pm
international / peace/war / commentary

General Petraeus, indifferent to 'collateral damage' image Apology NOT accepted! major mitchell, Wednesday, Mar 2 2011, 9:59pm
NATO/US airstrike murders nine (9) children in Afghanistan; commander of US and international forces, General David Petraeus, offers “apology” to families, the nation and the WORLD – is this guy certifiably pathological or what? (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

Lackey and LIAR, Oz PM, Julia Gillard image Oz PM LIES through Teeth on Cause of Climate Change dasha, Wednesday, Mar 2 2011, 7:43pm
In a shrill and desperate tone, Julia Gillard has now engaged is flagrant LYING in her failing attempts to SELL the Goldman Sachs designed carbon con/tax to the Australian people. (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

cocainelinedollarbilll.jpg image A Cocaine fuelled Wall Street Government – FACT! bluey, Monday, Feb 28 2011, 8:37pm
Before proceeding with this tirade I would first like to congratulate the director, Charles Ferguson, of “Inside Job” for demonstrating to the MINDLESS, paralysed masses that some people are not in the grip of the NIHILIST, American cocaine/war/Carbon Tax, mentality that infects the weak today. I would also add that US puppet President Obama is a SELF-CONFESSED COCAINE USER, just perfect! [The TRUTH is in your moronic faces, people!] Drug addicted Economic vandals and private mercenary armies gilled on amphetamines -- waging illegal wars -- continue to rape tens of millions in contracts and bonuses while innocent people continue to be murdered, displaced or suffer extreme hardship! (story and 3 comments and 3 images)
Last Commented Wednesday, Mar 2 2011, 7:01pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

text UN Votes Unanimously to Apply Sanctions on Gaddafi dasha, Saturday, Feb 26 2011, 10:53pm
The fact is these sanctions/actions occurred mainly because Gaddafi wouldn’t quietly surrender his oil fields to Western Corporate interests – gutless Russia and China watch from a distance. If anyone labours under the misapprehension that the U.S. is really concerned over the loss of innocent human life, just take a long hard look at the IRAQI CIVILIAN DEATH TOLL; the USA could CARE LESS for the lives of Muslim Arabs and North Africans. It demonstrates this almost daily with CONTINUING civilian killing DRONE ATTACKS on innocent Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa! Take a dose of hard reality before swallowing the propaganda and garbage you are fed by the Western Corporate media. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Sunday, Feb 27 2011, 7:08am
international / imperialism / commentary

Assange loses image Assange: the Cost of Breaking the Hacker code of Anonymity Kismo, Thursday, Feb 24 2011, 7:25pm
Julian Assange has been “caged,” to use his own expression, since his initial arrest in London on an EU warrant alleging sexual misconduct in Sweden and remains caged today with bail conditions still applying while his inept team of glamour boy barristers and drunken solicitors determine how much more they can milk from his case. A gifted person with Assange’s social awareness should have known that (ALL) lawyers are the parasites of the modern age and should be avoided at all costs. Are you regretting now the personal and other REAL costs associated with your narcissistic (conditioned) need for notoriety, Julian? Silly boy! (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Feb 27 2011, 7:26pm
international / mass media / commentary

Julia Gillard image Oz PM attempts to implement Goldman Sachs' Carbon Economy gabby, Wednesday, Feb 23 2011, 9:52pm
In a flagrant and cowardly reversal of policy, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, NOW supports the Goldman Sachs devised Carbon Tax based penalty economy. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

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