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text The UN Security Council and Hague Courts, a FARCE! bluey, Monday, May 30 2011, 2:09am
I recall a situational comedy sketch in a Peter Sellers Pink Panther movie, featuring the bungling inspector confronting a blind man; I couldn’t do it justice with a description but as absurd as that situation was it doesn’t hold a candle to the FARCE that is the UN security council and the international criminal court at the Hague.
international / injustice/law / commentary

fish.jpg image Free Yourself from Modern Religious Slavery sadh, Sunday, May 29 2011, 1:31am
I would first refer to what appears to the ignorant to be a most enigmatic Christian parable; no doubt, it has puzzled theologians (morons) for centuries; however, its message is clear to some modern ‘scribes’ or writers – never forget the New Testament is a textual production written by skilled practitioners in the ART [of writing!] (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, May 29 2011, 10:57pm
international / theology / commentary

Medvedev and Obama image Russia BACKFLIPS on Libyan Stance sides with US/NATO nano, Friday, May 27 2011, 9:41pm
Remember the once ferocious Russian bear that kept other lunatic superpowers in check with threats of annihilation and remember the period of post WWII PEACE this balance created? Now recall the historical collapse of the Soviet Union in the 80’s, which changed forever the balance of world power. (story and 1 image)
international / injustice/law / commentary

text Big Banks required Secret Emergency Loans from NY Fed in '08 buster, Thursday, May 26 2011, 10:25pm
We know today that Capitalism failed completely in 2008, it is currently on 'QE2' life support waiting desperately for the Global introduction of a PENALTY (Carbon) Economy to replace Capitalisms failed Production Economy; so it should come as no surprise that large financial institutions required a 'monetary transfusion' at that time -- the fact that these dealings were kept secret is in character with the methods employed by financial elites to manipulate the global economy and maintain debt slavery as the primary method of social control and Imperial supremacy!
international / imperialism / commentary

General Ratko Mladic image Ratko Mladic arrested; Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice remain at large! stan, Thursday, May 26 2011, 7:35am
As NATO continues its unmandated overtly criminal war in Libya, Serbia’s SERVILE president Tadic, announced today that he arrested General Ratko Mladic and will hand him over to the Hague – a Court that somehow is blind to American and NATO war crimes committed under its totally corrupt and PARTIAL ‘nose.’ (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

obamanetanyahu.jpg image Netanyahu Shits in Obama's Faggot Face, Bravo! skip, Wednesday, May 25 2011, 12:08am
Netanyahu's speech to Congress was saturated with emphatics and uncompromising absolutes, all of which directly opposed Obama's wishes; a speech you would not expect from an astute politician, but in Obama's case, Netanyahu got it right! (story and 2 images)
international / social/political / commentary

text Classic American Misinformation stace, Monday, May 23 2011, 11:13pm
An AFP wire headline titled, “Australia reaffirms commitment to Afghanistan,” released today, couldn’t be further from the truth or more INCORRECT.
international / mass media / commentary

audio Oz Carbon Tax in a Nutshell baz, Sunday, May 22 2011, 8:55pm
First let me say that climate change is REAL and constant, as the geological and meteorological record clearly indicates; BUT that has no bearing whatsoever on the Goldman Sachs designed PENALTY TAX SYSTEM Julia Gillard wishes to IMPOSE on the good citizens of Australia. (story and 1 comment and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Sunday, May 22 2011, 9:44pm
international / imperialism / commentary

erectchrist2.jpg image Rapture and the Measureless Imbecility of Americans carl, Saturday, May 21 2011, 11:04pm
Another America moron Christian fails to predict the end of the world, which was supposed to occur yesterday; there is no point in naming a single American Bible Bashing idiot -- the nation is full of them and even more BLIND believers who made thorough mindless moronic asses of themselves yesterday. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, May 25 2011, 12:51am
international / theology / commentary

PDF Document Matt Taibbi, 'got to!' quill, Saturday, May 21 2011, 11:33am
Alternative, 'independent' journalist Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine, seems to have become an apologist for the 'man.' I could scarcely believe my ears (see video) when out of Taibbi's own mouth he stated that mostly 'good people' are in the government -- knowing full well that almost all of Congress has been bought by Wall St. He also stated that the US Corporate media is NOT a 'top down' propaganda apparatus but is captive to profit seeking -- he seems to have forgotten the outrageous, concerted, brazen propaganda sell of the Iraq invasion complete with WMD LIES and babypowder anthrax. (story and 3 attached files)
international / mass media / commentary

text ‘Humanitarian intervention’ becomes full-scale illegal war in Libya stan, Friday, May 20 2011, 9:33am
Seemingly frustrated by Col. Gaddafi’s tenacity, and its INABILITY to end the Libyan invasion quickly and install compliant puppet leaders, NATO has begun a full scale war targeting and sinking eight Libyan war ships moored in harbour. Add to that attack the thousands of NATO air sorties already conducted and we have an unmandated WAR in progress. Remember that the feeble excuse for ‘intervention’ originally was to protect civilians; I would wager at this stage that NATO and CIA backed rebels are responsible for more civilian deaths than any other force in Libya. Iraq is a very good example/model of an US/NATO conducted oil war which resulted in over ONE MILLION CIVILIAN DEATHS, all directly and indirectly caused by invading forces. Here we go again!
international / peace/war / commentary

text China’s recent Bravado, Hot ‘Yellow’ Air stan, Thursday, May 19 2011, 8:42pm
China is attempting to assert itself on the world stage by warning “in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China!” Cop that world, we are pretending we have balls! However, after China’s COWARDLY display with traditional ally Yugoslavia and witnessing Bill Clinton laugh openly after intentionally targeting the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and killing a number of Chinese officials, please accept our incredulity as a response to your feeble mouse squeaks and that notwithstanding China’s paralysis in direct view of America's latest imperial war in North Africa. We can see them all shaking in their shoes in Washington, as they roll on the floor laughing at the giant yellow mouse that aspires to superpower status – what a pathetic joke! It’s ACTIONS, NOT WORDS that convince and demand respect. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, May 19 2011, 9:08pm
international / imperialism / commentary

text US Supreme Court Approves Warrantless Police Searches on ‘Suspicion’ gan, Monday, May 16 2011, 9:47pm
The torch-bearer of ‘Liberty and Democracy’ in the world -- or so we are led to believe -- has yesterday legally incinerated more civil liberties, freedoms and public safeguards by allowing police to breakdown your door and conduct a warrantless search based on the “suspicion” that (imaginary) evidence is being destroyed – welcome to America, Police State!
international / injustice/law / commentary

text The Politics of Raw Milk in NSW sten, Sunday, May 15 2011, 11:23am
The flagrant injustices, appalling application of Law and clear victimisation of market stall vendor, Mr Peter Melov, at the hands of the NSW Food ‘Authority,’ for selling raw cow’s milk products has now drawn the attention of Australia’s mass media – for very valid reasons. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Oct 27 2011, 10:02pm
national / health related / commentary

text The Overtly Corrupt ICC Continues to Ignore NATO War Crimes quill, Friday, May 13 2011, 9:08pm
In a frantic effort to avoid legal responsibility for war crimes, in particular failed attempts on Muammar Gaddafi’s life, which resulted in numerous civilian casualties including the deaths of three young children, US/NATO forces have enlisted the compliant ICC to hurriedly issue arrest warrants for Gaddafi and some of his senior officials. This they hope would legitimise their unmandated assassination attempts on Gaddafi and their colonial invasion. However, NATO’s war crimes would pre-date any warrant hurriedly issued by the exceedingly compliant ICC, the most PARTIAL and farcical legal institution in Europe today.
international / injustice/law / commentary

text Beyond Belief sasha, Monday, May 9 2011, 11:38pm
Without a shred of credible evidence, bungling White House criminal puppets continue to retract press release after press release of misinformation relating to the murder of Bin Laden in Pakistan. But when did American society begin to accept stories without question from known lying, criminal governments?
international / mass media / commentary

audio The Ever Changing White House Bin Laden Story Carroll Lewis via reed, Saturday, May 7 2011, 12:18am
Never in the modern history of the world has a ‘democratic’ government so clearly compromised ITSELF as criminally dishonest and ineptly deceptive as the Obama White House of today – and that is saying something in view of the known lack of integrity of the previous Cheney/Bush regime! (story and 1 comment and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Saturday, May 7 2011, 9:25am
international / social/political / commentary

al_cia.jpg image Babylon the Not so Great quill, Thursday, May 5 2011, 11:06pm
In the absence of a shred of evidence supporting the claim that American manufactured ‘terrorist’ Hollywood Osama Bin Laden has been murdered, the mindless American population chants U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A! How desperate and forlorn is this genitally groped, foreclosed, unemployed, whipped, corporate abused population? A tragic spectacle indeed in view of the FACT that things aren't going well at all -- to hell in a hand basket, in fact! (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / commentary

The Real Geronimo image No Proof Whatsoever! baz, Thursday, May 5 2011, 12:53am
“The operation -- code named 'Geronimo' -- was watched by the President in real time from the helmet mounted camera of an elite Navy Seal commando.”

In spite of the above, not a skerrick of proof of the purported assassination of Hollywood Bin Laden has been offered the WORLD by the clearly criminal US administration. (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, May 5 2011, 11:18am
international / mass media / commentary

text Irrelevant Bin Laden event Backgrounds Critically Important News Kane, Wednesday, May 4 2011, 12:04pm
Are we so easily duped and distracted that we would allow a largely irrelevant, manufactured 'terrorist' to sideline Fukushima Corporate radiation, which is slowly but surely poisoning the globe; or allow a strategic popularity grab, by Obama's handlers, to steer us away from NATO war crimes in Libya; or divert us from pursing Banking elites that plunged the world into economic chaos and massive 'stimulus' debt to the same banks; or allow puppet governments to implement the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax on citizens while Corporations receive carbon subsidies?

Corporates in Australia, which are making record profits, are currently squealing like stuck pigs because workers are demanding a fair share of the wealth they generate.
international / mass media / commentary

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