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imperialist.jpg image USA NOT China is the major threat to resource rich nations freddy, Wednesday, Jun 22 2011, 10:16am
Whether the linked news report is a feeble attempt to sell Gillard's "enthusiastic" subservience to America to the Oz public -- she signed off on FIVE (5) full scale US military bases of OCCUPATION while in Washington -- or whether clearly CRAFTED news reports are designed to take pressure off the most unpopular PM in Oz history is unknown at this stage, but attempting to portray China as an aggressor salivating over our resource rich North, which they would have to mine after invading and conquering the nation, is so absurd and preposterous that it could pass for American mainstream 'news!' (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Jun 22 2011, 10:58am
international / imperialism / commentary

text The 'Man' Launches Psywar against Hacktivists casey, Wednesday, Jun 22 2011, 1:01am
Take the following linked reports with a grain of salt. It seems the 'man' is launching a psychological offensive against cyber warriors -- we all know 'he' is witless in cyberspace; however, he hopes his transparent psychological tactic of 'divide and conquer' would force hackers to fight amongst themselves, thereby neutralising a MAJOR threat against Corporatists and Banks -- THE REAL AND CONSTANT ENEMY! I would clarify the situation immediately, all genuine underground hacker groups and Uber hackers BY NATURE oppose the 'man' -- u got that, imbos?
international / mass media / commentary

text US/NATO Openly Commit War Crimes with Impunity justin, Tuesday, Jun 21 2011, 11:43pm
The incompetence would be laughable except for the murderous tragic consequences and loss of INNOCENT human life. The US/NATO's 'humanitarian liberation' of Libya -- otherwise known as an illegal intervention designed to remove a national leader from power and appropriate the natural resource wealth from the people -- has quite openly become a criminal war waged by vandals and murderers "bombing everything" and indiscriminately killing INNOCENT civilians while they DESPERATELY seek to ILLEGALLY assassinate the nation's leader, Col. Gaddafi.
international / injustice/law / commentary

text The Digital Front Against Ruling Criminal Cabals fagan, Tuesday, Jun 21 2011, 9:14am
In characteristic fashion, hacker groups are joining forces to 'serve it up' to criminal Banksters and polluting, murdering Corporatists. Anonymous and Lulzsec announced they have joined forces in order to increase their impact and ability to intervene into 'secure' Corporate and Bank systems. The aim of the alliance is to obtain sensitive data that conclusively reveals the criminality of mega Corps and Banks -- the two largest corrupting influences in the World today. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jun 21 2011, 10:11am
international / mass media / commentary

obama_cant.jpg image 'Superpower' USA Forced to its Knees by Taliban gan, Sunday, Jun 19 2011, 9:00pm
Yes, it's now confirmed after puppet Afghan president Karzai, spilled the beans; America, the world's leading 'superpower' (my arse) has been brought to its knees by a bunch of rag-tag fighters in Afghanistan -- the same as prevailed against Alexander the Great, the British Empire and the 'FORMER' Soviet Union (LOL) how very sweet it is! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Jun 20 2011, 6:00am
international / peace/war / commentary

text Juliar Gillard, ‘bule kesasar’ – White European Lost in the Jungle bluey, Wednesday, Jun 15 2011, 9:44pm
The grossly incompetent and ridiculously out of touch Gillard Labor Government has just been trounced by Parliament for yet another INADEQUATE, knee-jerk plan to establish offshore refugee clearing centres in Malaysia; a PRIMITIVE MUSLIM NATION KNOWN INTERNATIONALLY FOR ITS BARBARITY. So I chose a denigrating bahasa Malay/Indonesian expression in the title that ACCURATELY describes Gillard and her completely out of touch, LOST government. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Jun 16 2011, 12:50am
national / social/political / commentary

Arrogant prick,  Berlusconi image Washington Darling Silvio Berlusconi gets a taste of REAL Democracy dasha, Tuesday, Jun 14 2011, 9:57am
Former media magnate and temporary Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, has been jerked back to reality with an overwhelming defeat; though the issue related to nuclear energy, the PEOPLE expressed more than that issue required. Clearly THE MAJORITY of Europeans have had enough of corrupt, elitist government and MASS MEDIA DECEPTION, Berlusconi’s speciality! Analysts are now pondering the ramifications for other European lackey leaders, Papandreou, Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel and a host of newly corrupted East European puppets that toe Washington’s DEEPLY UNPOPULAR, permanent war, civilian killing (and via its IMF and World Bank) AUSTERITY, line! (story and 5 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Wednesday, Jun 15 2011, 9:55pm
international / social equality/unity / commentary

text 'Internet in a Suitcase' nano, Monday, Jun 13 2011, 11:03am
The trillions in DEBT Obama administration has just spent more money it doesn’t have (over $50m) – keep printing Ben -- in a desperate bid to maintain its version of reality in nations that wish to preserve their cultural integrity. A portable peer (with satellite link) communications apparatus, dubbed, “internet in a suitcase,” is being developed by misguided enthusiasts and techno freaks for LYING, criminal American agencies and the Pentagon mis/disinformation arm – I would certainly think twice before assisting KNOWN civilian killing criminal governments regardless of the amount of toilet paper money offered.
international / mass media / commentary

text Western Media suffers selective Blindness uri, Saturday, Jun 11 2011, 11:21am
The corporate propaganda machine known as the western media is doing itself no favours selectively reporting 'news.' The huge demonstrations and social uprisings in Greece against the IMF, European Reserve Bank and imposed austerity measures, barely rate a mention but Libya, the darling war of Bankers and Oil companies, gains saturation coverage. Social 'revolutions' in the Middle East and North Africa fomented by the CIA gain huge coverage but popular PEOPLE'S revolutions in Europe are ignored. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Saturday, Jun 11 2011, 11:24pm
international / imperialism / commentary

audio Another Aussie “Sacrificed” in Afghanistan bluey, Tuesday, Jun 7 2011, 2:00am
In the aftermath of yet another Aussie soldier “sacrificed “ (according to Tony Abbott) in Afghanistan, Oz PM Juliar Gillard announces she is “crystal clear on [her orders] ‘our’ mission" in Afghanistan! REALLY, well spell it out without the rhetorical script from Washington, you disgusting, reprehensible, servile, lackey bitch! (story and 1 comment and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jun 7 2011, 10:37pm
international / peace/war / commentary

text CORPORATE Criminals, Corporate WARS – Killing for PROFIT, NOT honour! stace, Tuesday, Jun 7 2011, 12:07am
What does it take? Are thinking people required to CONTINUALLY rub the public’s nose in the STARK CRIMINAL REALITY of CORPORATE WARS today? There were no WMD, as criminal corporate facilitators Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blair, Bush and Howard swore repeatedly – these mass murdering LIARS must be arrested and held accountable until the entire sordid and vile truth is revealed.
international / social/political / commentary

text 700ft Metallic Penis found on Mars glenn, Monday, Jun 6 2011, 11:50am
An amateur astronomer has discovered, with the assistance of CIA partner Google, what appears to be a metallic cylindrical structure on Mars -- Orson Wells would be proud. All I have to say after listening to the alarmist gibberish by the 'discoverer' is, only in (lobotomised) America!

The REAL news back on earth is far more interesting; Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Ireland are about to default on their sovereign debt while an Indian Yogi (with 30 million followers) has pledged to fast to death in protest of systemic corruption in Government. It seems Bankers and their Madison Ave partners are getting desperate.

Gee, 'i hope it's not a weapon' too, you mindless moron. No population on earth is as frightened and as gullible as the American population -- home of chicken shits, land of morons and quivering cowards! (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Monday, Jun 6 2011, 12:07pm
international / miscellaneous / commentary

Baba Ramdev image Popular Yogi Confronts Corrupt Indian Ruling Elite staff report via sadh, Monday, Jun 6 2011, 12:36am
Swami Ramdev or ‘Baba’ (father) Ramdev, as he is respectfully known to his 30 million followers, is taking on the thoroughly corrupt Indian ruling elite by conducting a fast to the death (satyagraha) if authorities fail to address and remedy the overt and systemic corruption in the Congress government of Manmohan Singh. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

Goldman Sachs CEO, squinting image ‘Invisible’ Hacker Enemy attacks FBI Affiliate Kismo, Saturday, Jun 4 2011, 11:28pm
Hackers and hacker groups are as invisible as they are amorphous, which highlights the ABSURDITY of the Pentagon approach, which is to declare CONVENTIONAL war on an INVISIBLE digital ENEMY -- military morons on parade for the public! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Friday, Jun 10 2011, 2:26am
international / mass media / commentary

text At What Price? melissa, Friday, Jun 3 2011, 11:57pm
Do not kid yourselves, the American population knows full well what their criminal government is doing – mass murder, destabilization, social division, military expansion and illegal RESOURCE APPROPRIATION (THEFT) on a global scale. After over a decade of American overt criminal activity there is no avoiding the facts. However, the population has been PACIFIED and LED TO BELIEVE that all the criminal activity benefits the population – NOT SO! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Saturday, Jun 4 2011, 9:43am
international / injustice/law / commentary

text “No Shred of Evidence” – Iraq PROVES that fiction/Fantasy usurps truth/Reality stan, Friday, Jun 3 2011, 12:13am
Just as former UN weapons inspectors, notably Hans Blix and Richard Butler, CORRECTLY asserted that Iraq had NO weapons of mass destruction PRIOR to the Bush, Blair and Howard ILLEGAL invasion, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei, asserts there is “no shred of evidence” to indicate that Iran is building nuclear weapons! However, now, as before, we certainly cannot permit the TRUTH, much less REALITY, to interfere with America’s LYING mass media propaganda machine and the push for WORLD domination via destabilisation, permanent war and DECEPTION, God forbid! (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Saturday, Jun 4 2011, 8:08pm
international / peace/war / commentary

text Paltry Payout for Gross Injustice judd, Wednesday, Jun 1 2011, 11:43pm
A deaf mute man (soft target) WRONGLY convicted of a murder by an incompetent and grossly biased West Australian legal system has been awarded less than half a million dollars for his fifteen (15) year wrongful imprisonment.
international / injustice/law / commentary

text Cyber attack equals act of war according to Pentagon Kismo, Tuesday, May 31 2011, 11:36am
The US, by threatening hackers with conventional military ‘missile’ responses, has indirectly admitted it lags far behind elite hackers in cyberspace. An ossified Pentagon imbecile is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying, "If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks;" how very characteristic, a typically rustic, primitive, American response that only a banjo-playing moron would make openly – ‘no doubt’ the hacker community is packing shit! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Wednesday, Jun 1 2011, 10:21am
international / mass media / commentary

Cate Blanchett from Carbon Tax advert image Cate Blanchett, great actress but No Climatologist sal, Tuesday, May 31 2011, 1:19am
A recent report states that GLOBAL carbon emissions in 2010 were the highest ever recorded; an outcome which clearly indicates that Oz PM, Gillard and Bankers Goldman Sachs are running with a dud plan/TAX. Urgent remedial action from government is clearly required, the free market is a cesspool of rogues, criminals and cheats the likes of which – recent global economic collapse -- could never be trusted to manage carbon emissions effectively and HONESTLY. Extremely severe penalties and other harsh REGULATORY measures are now required from the only body legally capable of doing so, GOVERNMENT! If the world truly wishes to reduce carbon emissions the solution now rests with governments. But as we should all be aware, the reality of energy needs far outweighs every other consideration, including Carbon dioxide emissions. So it’s a ‘no game’ scenario! (story and 1 image)
international / environment / commentary

Juliar Gillard image Mainstream Media finally wakes to Juliar Gillard’s Unpopularity dasha, Monday, May 30 2011, 10:10am
It has become painfully obvious to the Oz Labor Party that leader, Juliar Gillard, is about as popular as a bit of dog shit on the end of a stick – she has become a sure fire LOSER and LIABILITY the likes of which has never been seen in Oz politics. After her shameless, servile and despicable gushing suck in Washington recently, it is hardly surprising that the Oz public has TOTALLY rejected this spineless Carbon Tax Corporate lackey and American fellatrix. This offensive cat-howling fishwife is so obnoxious it’s a wonder her Party’s rankings are not LOWER than 34%. (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

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