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"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -- Steve Biko
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text Emergence gan, Sunday, Jun 18 2006, 4:36pm
Welcome to the twenty-first century, welcome to social retrogression and the new barbarism – primitive theological values and barbarism have temporarily stolen the post-modern age. Quite an irony in today’s highly advanced society but the reality of barbarism and retrogression are undeniable. The world’s most advanced technological nation is a perfect example. America has succumbed to theological ideology and all the bigoted, avaricious, violent values associated with primitive religion and barbarism. A crusader, a mental deficient who fancies himself a ‘holy’ knight of the Middle Ages battling the forces of ‘evil’, leads the USA; a literal mental retard and social regressive leads the world’s ‘leading’ nation.
international / social/political / article

text Behind the Lies of the Australian Prime Minister finn, Sunday, Jun 11 2006, 11:30am
It’s not difficult to arrive at an accurate assessment of the present Oz leadership, the government of John Howard. Love Howard or not, he has the local population eating his lies like it was manna from heaven. Howard’s treasurer recently announced that the Oz government was out of debt, in view of a 'national' foreign debt of $493 billion, the highest ever recorded by an astronomical ‘mile’, the announcement of the elimination of 'government' debt becomes meaningless double-talk. But which figure does the public prefer to embrace? The lie of course, it’s far more comforting – the media’s emphasis on the treasurer’s remarks at the expense of the horrendous crippling debt is not unintentional.
national / social equality/unity / article

text Timor-Leste (Update) peptide, Thursday, Jun 1 2006, 2:55pm
America has been steadily reducing its active presence in the South Pacific over the past decade. Australia (the deputy sheriff) is expected to ‘step up to the plate’ and safeguard western interests in that region. Timor is the first test of deputy (dog) in the region and to date the deputy appears to be weakening at the knees. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jun 6 2006, 9:17am
international / imperialism / article

text Symbiosis: Religion and the State Kingfisher, Tuesday, May 23 2006, 8:18am
Furthermore, theology induces passivity to authority – there is no better method of creating compliance than theology. Who else would quietly accept injustice, various forms of deprivation and huge disparities in the distribution of wealth than those who imagine it is the result of demerit, sin or the will of some God? Many extremely intelligent and capable people become observably handicapped when the subject/spectre of religion rears its illogical, paralysing and fear-inducing head. Never doubt the power that is born of theological indoctrination (child abuse) and the resultant fear that it engenders (usually for life).
international / social/political / article

text “The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name.” fish, Tuesday, May 16 2006, 7:09am
Moses identifies his God in Exodus 15:3 – interesting description to say the least. Moses is either a liar or his God is a bloodthirsty God of War. There are numerous references in the text confirming without doubt that the God of the Old Testament is a murdering sociopath suffering from an unquenchable blood lust. Numerous verses and passages offer incontestable proof to that effect but there are none better than the story of Jericho. Jericho stands as the oldest record of premeditated genocide. Kill everyone regardless; men, women, children and suckling infants. (story and 6 comments)
Last Commented Thursday, May 18 2006, 6:48am
international / social equality/unity / article

text The State of (Oz) Affairs dingo, Sunday, Apr 30 2006, 3:21pm
No greater tragedy has beset the Australian nation than at the present time. Everything that is un-Australian masquerades as the leader of the nation; is it necessary to name John Howard as the personification of everything that is un-Australian? A cowardly, cringing, lying, weevil does not an Australian make! Howard is the most grotesque, obnoxious flea that has ever inhabited political office. A perfect coward and pathological liar has won the last two elections by default. The local population desperately sought a viable opposition but found NONE; a high school student could have beaten Howard but not the present opposition; no greater congregation of self-centred, self-destructive, inept fools has ever sullied the floor of parliament.
national / social/political / article

Sri Yantra image Modern Christianity: A Flock of Lost Sheep sadhu, Thursday, Apr 27 2006, 4:29pm
Christianity today has become a misleading term and a very confusing ‘business’. Proclaiming one’s faith as ‘Christian’ no longer identifies the believer in a specific sense – there are more Christian denominations, groups and sub-groups than I would care to mention. Gone is the ‘one faith’, ‘one God’ principle that identifies all true religions; today there are ‘gelicos, penticos, charismaticos, deicos, bapticos, methicos’ and on it goes. The ‘religion’ is severely fragmented, each splintered faction claiming divine authority and status as the true religion (a perfectly absurd situation). (story and 2 images)
international / philosophy / article

BANKSY -- virgin with iPod image The Plague of Evangelicalism: An Aberrant Sect from the USA fish, Friday, Apr 7 2006, 6:11am
The very American travelling circus that was tent religion matured and found expression in the mass ‘conversions’ (come on down and be saved style) of Billy Graham, demagogue and showman, the forerunner of today’s Evangelicals. Plastic religion for a plastic society, Graham invented ‘Kentucky fried religion’, a fast consumable product that was accessible to the masses, requiring nothing but gleefully running to the stage and in spectacular fashion being ‘saved’ by Billy or one of his many imitators. Modern Evangelicalism was born, long arduous hours of meditation and prayer in the pursuit of Deity became a thing of the medieval past. (story and 1 image)
international / theology / article

text Counter Strategies peptide, Thursday, Mar 30 2006, 9:12am
Mainstream media has largely ignored two recent events that would have attracted sustained media attention in the past. Half a million Hispanics and other protesters flooded the streets of LA while in France a staggering three million protesters confronted the authorities. These protests occurred in quick succession but barely rated a mention in the popular press. Activists and analysts have been aware for some time that the independence and impartiality of the mass media has been compromised. Regardless of the magnitude and impact of a specific event, if it is considered to be incompatible with certain interests, it is disregarded.
international / social/political / article

text Life against death finch, Saturday, Mar 18 2006, 3:27am
The (coordinated) international protests and demonstrations against the war in Iraq indicate that people are unified in their fight against oppression, division, exploitation and violence. The way of the people is the way of peace, the majority decision is always for Peace, as the majority are aware that other options result in destruction if not annihilation. In contrast to the way of peace is the violence of the minority; the few that would wage war for the benefit of the few. It becomes plain to all, regardless of nationality, that ruling minorities are corrupt and do not serve the interests of the majority.
international / social equality/unity / article

in(X)ternalisation – Vietnam, 1963 image Storming the Bastille and Direct Action nano, Tuesday, Mar 14 2006, 11:46am
It should now be apparent to all that the usual strategies have proven ineffective against the ultra-right of today. The reasons are clear; the right is playing hard, fast and bold while the opposition is lost in analysis and navel gazing. ‘Storming the Bastille’ may again be required to precipitate change. Demos, alternative media, various forms of dissenting propaganda have all failed to alter the course of events. It would seem that while one side is playing hardball (for keeps) the other is content to fossick on the shores of world-shaping politics. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Mar 25 2006, 2:52am
international / social/political / article

Turd Polish image Glowing in the Dark cleaves, Thursday, Mar 9 2006, 11:58am
The prospect of Iran developing a nuclear capability (which would realistically entail at least a five-year time frame) did not prevent John Bolton, US representative to the UN, stating that a “painful” response would be inflicted on Iran if it failed to comply with UN (American) dictates! Questions of the UN’s independence aside, is the focus on Iran a distraction from the debacle that is Iraq or is the USA following their PNAC strategy with little regard for consequences? (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / article

BANKSY -- elephant imageattachment Water Pistol happy jack, Monday, Jan 30 2006, 5:32am
The indices of war have been re-shuffled, but please don’t broadcast! The international mass media are loath to run in-depth stories highlighting the absurdity of the present war on terrorism; the ‘mouse’ has the elephant on the run. A handful of dedicated men have demonstrated to all the oppressed people of the world that man, not technology, is the most effective weapon in modern warfare. So-called low-tech weapons in the hands of superior minds are making a mockery of the propaganda of ‘super’ powers. It is extremely fortunate that the Chinese people have not yet asserted their prerogatives – contemplate those consequences for a moment! (story and 1 image and 1 attached file)
international / peace/war / article

text Bread vs Gold cleaves, Thursday, Jan 19 2006, 3:28am
It is likely that a sharp economic downturn (recession) will be experienced at some stage during the period 2006-07. This indicator portends the global economic collapse of 2010-12. The hardest hit will be the banks and other financial institutions. In today’s world it would be foolhardy to take for granted the security and safety of any financial institution.
international / social/political / article

text A Strategy Primer Ibis, Saturday, Jan 14 2006, 2:53pm
Social cohesion has never been more fragile than at present. Developing an effective survival strategy in an age of bankrupt ideologies is a challenging but not impossible task. All known political ideologies have failed or are failing (including capitalism). The lack of viable alternatives betrays a 'whipped' and beaten Western population not a shortage of real options. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jan 17 2006, 3:29am
international / social equality/unity / article

text Asylum America: Bush’s Charade cleaves, Friday, Jan 6 2006, 2:15am
Pat Robertson, noted American Christian fundamentalist and mental deficient, claims that Ariel Sharon is being punished by God for “dividing” Israel. Pat Robertson remains in ‘care’ and is happy to reside in the most affluent psychiatric institution in the world, the USA.
international / injustice/law / article

attachment Anarchism: What it really stands for Emma Goldman, Sunday, Jan 1 2006, 3:27am
Anarchism is the great liberator of man from the phantoms that have held him captive; it is the arbiter and pacifier of the two forces for individual and social harmony. To accomplish that unity, Anarchism has declared war on the pernicious influences which have so far prevented the harmonious blending of individual and social instincts, the individual and society. (story and 1 attached file)
international / social/political / article

text The Immorality of the State Mikhail Bakunin, Sunday, Jan 1 2006, 3:20am
"Every State, whether it is of a federative or a non-federative character, must seek, under the penalty of utter ruin, to become the most powerful of States. It has to devour others in order not to be devoured in turn, to conquer in order not to be conquered, to enslave in order not to be enslaved - for two similar and at the same time alien powers, cannot co-exist without destroying each other."
international / social/political / article

text Minorities versus Majorities Emma Goldman, Sunday, Jan 1 2006, 3:15am
In the American struggle for liberty, the majority was no less of a stumbling block. Until this very day the ideas of Jefferson, of Patrick Henry, of Thomas Paine, are denied and sold by their posterity. The mass wants none of them. The greatness and courage worshipped in Lincoln have been forgotten in the men who created the background for the panorama of that time. The true patron saints of the black men were represented in that handful of fighters in Boston, Lloyd Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Theodore Parker, whose great courage and sturdiness culminated in that somber giant John Brown. Their untiring zeal, their eloquence and perseverance undermined the stronghold of the Southern lords. Lincoln and his minions followed only when abolition had become a practical issue, recognized as such by all.
international / social/political / article

text Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty Emma Goldman, Sunday, Jan 1 2006, 3:10am
The contention that a standing army and navy is the best security of peace is about as logical as the claim that the most peaceful citizen is he who goes about heavily armed. The experience of every-day life fully proves that the armed individual is invariably anxious to try his strength. The same is historically true of governments. Really peaceful countries do not waste life and energy in war preparations, With the result that peace is maintained.
international / social/political / article

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