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text Commentary on John 14 fish, Monday, Oct 17 2005, 6:11am
An appropriate sub-heading to probably the most important chapter in the Gospel of John (if not the whole New Testament). The Christian saviour declares himself to be the absolute God and also the means by which we come to the realisation and presence of that God. The above claim was/is as bold a claim as was ever made by a sane man, notwithstanding some of Jesus’ immediate family members thought him to be of questionable mental stability (at that time). Nevertheless, this commentary will be based on the text and the simple 2+2 logic that is accessible to a child but evades the apprehension of linear, biased, fanatic and frightened thinkers.
international / theology / commentary

text Commentary on John 13. fish, Monday, Oct 17 2005, 4:41am
Chapter 13 of the Gospel of John is an indictment of mainstream Christianity. It becomes evident that the churches and other popular Christian groups represent institutional or organised hypocrisy. None stand as an example of the Master's teachings.

This is not a selective attack on the hypocrisy of one mainstream religion – with the possible exception of Buddhism – they are ALL perverse.
international / theology / commentary

text What's wrong with the world? Kel Richards, Monday, Aug 15 2005, 5:24am
The one thing that is clear from glancing through this book is that there is something dreadfully wrong with this world we live in. But that’s the big question: WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD? Why is the world the way it is? Why is there so much evil, wickedness, hurt and suffering? The Bible gives this answer, “everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 2:21, New International Version). That is the Bible’s key to understanding what’s wrong with the world. Jesus made it perfectly clear how we are meant to behave, he didn’t leave it to guesswork, or for us to work out for ourselves, and he didn’t make it obscure or difficult to understand.

international / theology / opinion/analysis

text Symbolism in the Gospel of Mark fish, Monday, Aug 8 2005, 7:10am
Christian theologians throughout history have failed to understand the significance of the (odd) appearance of the naked youth in the Gospel of Mark. The obvious reason for this failure, according to NT doctrine, is their unbelief and inability to commune with their own God of Truth (Jesus Christ) and receive insights. It is not the failure of the Master’s message; it is the lack of understanding and faith in his promises that inhibits the perceptive faculties.
international / theology / article

text Gospel of Thomas - The Commentary fish, Wednesday, Jul 13 2005, 2:00pm
The Gospel contains 114 sayings -- due to the limitations of this site the Commentary will be published in two sections -- the first will contain verses 1-66, the second verses 67-114.
international / theology / commentary

text Gospel of Thomas - The Commentary fish, Wednesday, Jul 13 2005, 7:48am
Second and final section -- verses 67-114.
international / theology / commentary

text Disintegration cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 6:53am
Need we wonder why the modern age is now a global insane asylum and worsening by the day? This is the reward for a population that would passively accept flagrant hypocrisy, contradiction and deception from the institutions that are supposedly the custodians of the highest ideals of society. Apathy, selfishness, lack of vigilance, denial, fear and our cowardice are to blame. These ‘noble’ qualities have allowed the situation to deteriorate to its present state. Faced with the breakdown of the institutions of morality, should we remain passive or do we change course for the better?
international / theology / opinion/analysis

text Endnote cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 5:03am
It was recently brought to my attention that I had not addressed Islamic fundamentalists with the usual vigour I reserve for other religious hypocrites. After deliberating on this oversight – more a result of my lack of knowledge of Islam – I have decided to completely abandon the general approach of opposition and highlight instead the similarities in all religions and the unity of humankind. Which was always the underlying theme in my previous papers.
international / theology / opinion/analysis

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