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text A Very American Coup William J. Astore via fran, Wednesday, Jan 20 2010, 7:38pm
Here’s a bit of cheery news:  Last week, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met with the nation's top defense company executives, including the CEOs of those mega-military-industrial combines Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and called for a “closer partnership.” He also made them a promise.  He pledged, according to his spokesman, “to work with the White House to secure steady growth in the Pentagon's budgets over time.
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Hillary Clinton image US Administration finally discovers ‘real’ al-Qaeda stronghold in YEMEN! birdie, Wednesday, Jan 6 2010, 9:54pm
WE should have known, especially after Obama’s own National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, stated that the ACTUAL number of al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan is "fewer than a hundred!" What! You mean thousands of innocent lives have been lost and the world’s most powerful military has been mobilsed to fight less than 100 fighters? Well, if nothing else it certainly portrays al-Qaeda as nothing short of superhuman, perhaps even divine! How else would it be possible for less than 100 fighters to take on the most powerful military in the world? Or is it perhaps the case that WE are being DECEIVED, YET AGAIN? (story and 3 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Friday, Jan 8 2010, 4:39pm
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text Oz government remains in Racist denial snowy, Wednesday, Jan 6 2010, 7:57am
Like a recidivist alcoholic Kevin Rudd’s CENSORSHIP government continues to avoid the RACIST REALITY in Oz, and as every therapist would advise, you can’t cure a problem without first acknowledging it exists! The entire world is aware of xenophobic, racist, backward Australia thanks to former PM John Howard’s OVERT racism making headlines around the globe. However, an opportunity to HEAL and take the nation forward presented itself to pathetic little Kevin Rudd, who seems more concerned with CENSORSHIP issues and DENIAL than FACING leadership challenges! (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Thursday, Jan 14 2010, 2:04am
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Rudd burning image Oz Racism: absurd claim made by useless Labor Politician bluey, Monday, Jan 4 2010, 9:58pm
The Australian public broadcaster, which should know better than to run with and kow-tow to the new CENSORSHIP GOVERNMENT, ran a story on the COWARDLY, racially motivated, stabbing murder of a 21yo Indian student, titled: “No evidence for race link in Indian attacks ..” [Learn that banner headlines are important, Aunty!] (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Jan 5 2010, 6:17pm
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censoredstamp.jpg image CENSORSHIP in Oz: in your IT Face Kismo, Monday, Dec 21 2009, 11:34pm
It is astounding that commentators and IT media in Oz CONTINUE TO DESCRIBE Kevin Rudd’s brazen INTERNET CENSORSHIP policy as ‘filtering’ – prohibition of media information of any type is CENSORSHIP; get it straight and USE the appropriate and ACCURATE TERM! If it requires rubbing the ringed and stupefied noses of some Aussie dreamboats in the soiled fabric of our language to get the point home, then so be it! (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Tuesday, Dec 22 2009, 6:53pm
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beggar -- BANKSY image Obama: pathetic! Shamus Cooke via quill, Friday, Dec 18 2009, 5:46am
Shortly before Obama was sent to Copenhagen to deliver a scripted speech on behalf of rich Bankers, Military Industrialists and the REAL ruling elite of the USA, he implored the US banking/financial establishment to lend more money to the average person and small business -- you know, they're the people that bailed the banks out with trillions in future debt and tax burdens. To demonstrate their heart-felt gratitude for the people and the government, the bankers, while drowning themselves in yet more bonuses, refused Obama's request and showed him the service exit! It should now be plain to even the average American that Western democratic governments NO LONGER GOVERN anything! (story and 3 images)
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text The Front hue, Wednesday, Dec 16 2009, 6:18pm
‘Hard work always pays dividends,’ a phrase straight from the Corporatist Bible, but to whom goes the dividends -- that is the question? The recent Iraqi Oil Auction, a circus of an event televised like a game show on Iraqi television (see link) dispels once and for all the myth that nation states are the seat of power and influence or that ‘democracy’ exists outside dictionary definitions! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Dec 17 2009, 9:51pm
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text Why Americans Are a Broken People? Bruce E. Levine via quill, Monday, Dec 14 2009, 6:58pm
Can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not "set them free" but instead further demoralize them? Has such a demoralization happened in the United States? (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Dec 14 2009, 7:23pm
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Rudd image Oz Political Vermin Survival Strategies dasha, Sunday, Dec 13 2009, 7:57am
In contrast to kitchen vermin, which always seek out dark cracks and crevices when under threat, Oz political vermin, when confronted with massive popularity/face LOSS -- failed ‘Messiah’ of ETS at ‘No-Hopen-Hagen;’ border 'protection;' pissweak whaling ‘warrior’ in our hemisphere; continuing BHP artesian water theft; wholesale rape of the nation by Corporations and gut-turning cowardice/compliance with every dictate of Washington regarding sending our troops to AMERICA’S ILLEGAL (and failed) WARS – but to the point; politicians, unlike their kitchen cockroach cousins, seek the LIMELIGHT to DISTRACT and survive when threatened with demise! (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Sunday, Dec 13 2009, 8:22pm
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bhangshop.jpg image Radicalism in new Oz opposition may prove successful spot, Thursday, Dec 10 2009, 9:14pm
It is no secret that Oz has been cursed with spineless, sycophantic, subservient (to Washington) national leaders since Paul ‘bank fees’ Keating. After the agonisingly long tenure of arch-conservative and WAR CRIMINAL, John Howard, Australia hoped beyond reason that the new PM Kevin ‘show pony’ Rudd would return the nation to its traditional cultural values, but alas, it is now painfully clear WE GOT STUCK WITH ANOTHER SERVILE, CONSERVATIVE NERD! (story and 2 images)
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Patrice Lumumba image Remembering Patrice Lumumba Danny Schechter via reed, Tuesday, Dec 8 2009, 8:26am
I came to the Congo in search of its future and instead found myself marching down memory lane. On Thursday we went to the Museum of Beaux Arts, really a school for teaching sculpture, a subject close to me because my late dad sculpted in stone and wood as a hobby. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Wednesday, Dec 9 2009, 9:44pm
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text Trickle-up Economics Paul Craig Roberts via fleet, Saturday, Dec 5 2009, 10:38pm
Goldman Sachs senior executives are arming themselves with New York gun permits, according to Alice Schroeder on  The banksters “are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.”
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Tony Abbott -- new leader of conservative party imageaudio Not always morbid or drear -- Oz Political reporting spot, Monday, Nov 30 2009, 9:07pm
Oz politics reduces to a contest between two major parties vying for the ‘privilege’ of knee-walking in Washington! Few nations could care less which lackey leads Australia in shameless servitude to America; however, a good piece deserves broad exposure regardless of its dreary subject. In support and appreciation the Cleaves Editorial Team voted to break their policy-ban on reporting political flea fights; we are therefore pleased to offer our readership an out-of-character piece from the Oz mass media – God forbid, it actually drips with dry humour, sarcasm, and dare I say it, ‘wit,’ all wrapped in a style usually characteristic of the Independent Media! Better watch your step, Ms Crabb, verve and genuine reporting are better left to the Independents! (story and 3 comments and 2 images and 2 audio files)
Last Commented Thursday, Dec 3 2009, 7:28pm
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Kevin Rudd image Washington dictates policy to PISSWEAK Oz PM, ‘Krudd’ snowy, Monday, Nov 30 2009, 6:18pm
The Australian PM’s subservience to Washington is sickening; Oz has had enough of spineless, servile ‘leaders’ kow-towing to Washington’s every whim! Kevin Rudd has not the skill to recover from the deep disaffection almost all Australians feel over ‘his’ latest decision to increase numbers of Aussie personnel – following increased troop numbers -- to Afghanistan. The guts of the nation turned today in total DISGUST and dismay; Australia and the ENTIRE WORLD HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF MASS MURDERING AMERICA and its FLAGRANTLY CRIMINAL WARS! (story and 1 image)
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text Second Wave of Financial Tsunami likely to HIT in 2010 Matthias Chang via reed, Sunday, Nov 22 2009, 5:07pm
"The policy-makers of these countries faced with the total collapse of the international financial architecture have concluded that the solution, the only solution is quantitative easing (i.e. massive injection of liquidity) to salvage the “too big to fail” banks and (re)inflate their depressed economies. This is best reflected in Bernanke’s candid remark that, “the US government has a technology, called the printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost”.

This is the crux of the problem!"
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text WE fight because .... David DeGraw via quill, Saturday, Nov 21 2009, 4:56pm
If its not time NOW then WE would have lost EVERYTHING to the rogues, murderers and thieves that today control our governments!
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PDF Document "Global Economic Collapse" Ambrose Evans-Pritchard via fleet, Thursday, Nov 19 2009, 6:45pm
Société Générale has advised clients to be ready for a possible "global economic collapse" over the next two years, mapping a strategy of defensive investments to avoid wealth destruction. (story and 2 attached files)
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text The [Obvious] New State Solution Chris Hedges via gan, Tuesday, Nov 17 2009, 6:07pm
The collapse of the Palestinian Authority, the result of Israel’s 42-year refusal to implement a two-state solution, leaves the Palestinians no option but to unilaterally declare an independent state. Israel acted unilaterally when it announced independence in 1948. It is the Palestinians’ turn. It worked in Kosovo. It worked in Georgia. And it will work in Palestine. There are 192 member states in the United Nations and as many as 150 would recognize the state of Palestine, creating a diplomatic nightmare for Israel and its lonely ally the United States. Israel will face worldwide censure if it attempts to crush the independent state by force and very likely be subjected to the kind of divestment campaigns and boycotts that brought down the apartheid government of South Africa.
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Hopeless image The Audacity of Failure Mike Whitney via ryall, Monday, Nov 16 2009, 3:34am
Barack Obama is on his way to becoming a one-term president. According to Politico:
"President Barack Obama plans to announce in next year’s State of the Union address that he wants to focus extensively on cutting the federal deficit in 2010 – and will downplay other new domestic spending beyond jobs programs, according to top aides involved in the planning.
The president’s plan, which the officials said was under discussion before this month’s Democratic election setbacks, represents both a practical and a political calculation by this White House." ( (story and 1 image)
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The monkey in the middle is Rudd image Getting rid of Rudd finn, Wednesday, Nov 11 2009, 5:59pm
Rupert Murdoch’s Australian Prime Minister, Kevin ‘border security’ Rudd, recently made a failed bid to divert media/public attention away from the complete shambles of his FAILED border security policies by making a surprise visit to disillusioned Aussie troops in occupied Afghanistan! However, media and public attention remained firmly fixed on Rudd and his weak-kneed Foreign Minister’s failed attempts to AVOID RESPONSIBILITY in the Tamil asylum seeker issue! (story and 1 image)
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