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text The New Secessionists Chris Hedges via reed, Tuesday, Apr 27 2010, 7:44pm
Acts of rebellion which promote moral and political change must be [but are rarely] nonviolent. And one of the most potent nonviolent alternatives in the country, which defies the corporate state and calls for an end to imperial wars, is the secessionist movement bubbling up in some two dozen states including Vermont, Texas, Alaska and Hawaii.
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text Oz politics goes Dada, Surreal actually! stele, Sunday, Apr 25 2010, 10:04am
I would state at the outset this story is gross. It hovers between a joke in bad taste and a Greens MP playing marriage wrecker and Mata Hari. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Apr 26 2010, 9:36pm
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Obama: Pathetic Fraud and Despicable Traitor image Obama calls the 1915 Armenian Genocide an 'Atrocity' stan, Saturday, Apr 24 2010, 9:52pm
It gets more difficult for the world’s leading civilian killing, terrorist nation to phrase criticisms of infamous historical events by the day. As each day passes, more orders are given from US Air Command and CIA facilities to CONSCIOUSLY launch missiles from UAV Drones that kill and maim countless civilians – an act which REMAINS a WAR CRIME under international Law today. [The Hague Courts have lost all credibility and openly display their corrupt bias by NOT undertaking investigations into the world’s LARGEST State run criminal organisations.] (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Thursday, Apr 29 2010, 9:37pm
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Stephen 'kneepads' Smith image Deconstructing Australia’s Puppet Politicians ryall, Thursday, Apr 22 2010, 10:28am
Before proceeding, I would openly state that Australia today is nothing more than a client state of the U.S. Former PM (and criminal) Paul Keating surrendered the last vestiges of Oz independence to Wall St criminal elites and the corporate sector decades past. (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Friday, Apr 23 2010, 12:27pm
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text Lynching our Treasonous Leaders sol, Wednesday, Apr 21 2010, 8:59am
Hanging puppet politicians may not be addressing or curing the root cause of all our social ills but it sure as hell will put the fear of God into the criminal Corporatists that effectively control our democracies. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Thursday, Apr 22 2010, 8:11pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Marines 'bailing up' children image The Sentience of Being switch, Sunday, Apr 18 2010, 11:29am
Dictionaries define “sentience” as the ability to ‘perceive and FEEL;’ this characteristic is supposedly specific to humanity but I’m not so sure! (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Apr 19 2010, 7:54am
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Symbolic double-axe image The Relative Power Dynamic kiwi, Saturday, Apr 17 2010, 10:23pm
"If not for the notion of beauty there would be no ugliness. If not for the notion of good there would be no evil. Polarities alternate one with the other [qualify each other] and are mutually bound in [perpetual conflict] opposition." -- Lao tzu.

It is true, we only know a thing by contrast, as it is defined by its opposite. (story and 1 image)
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text Machiavelli and BIG LIE Politics Zahir Ebrahim via quill, Sunday, Apr 11 2010, 7:10pm
Once the hectoring hegemons have created a core-lie and got people to believe or accept it, namely, that ‘war on terror’ is real and “our war”, then many truths within the core-lie can be fabricated, and also are created due to their own natural dynamics with proper black-ops channeling to mobilize insurgency and then officially fighting it as “counter-insurgency”. A cook-book recipe for fabricating “revolutionary times”, for indeed, “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! A self-sustaining system dynamics comes into existence which is closely managed and continually harvested to sustain “imperial mobilization”.
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polishaircrash.jpg image Conspiracies and Recent Events a-jay, Saturday, Apr 10 2010, 10:01pm
The Conspiracy wire is going nuts at the moment, plans to nuke Iran, ‘Chechen’ (CIA backed) terrorist attacks in Moscow and now -- what a ‘coincidence’ -- the ‘missile shield’ entire Polish leadership killed in a 'tragic' airline ‘accident!’ Seems Russia has learnt a trick or two from the US – civilian casualties, no prob, they are only mindless, slave, morons, anyway. All morons are expendable, didn’t YOU know? (story and 1 image)
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text Australian Internet Censorship Criticised By Yahoo, Google Kismo, Wednesday, Mar 24 2010, 7:59pm
Notice how BOTH government and opposition stooges shy away from mentioning CENSORSHIP policies dictated to them by the likes of Murdoch, Big Business and Washington.

While Google now defends against China’s DRACONIAN censorship of internet information by re-directing mainland searches to unrestricted Hong Kong, AUSTRALIA'S Kevin ‘yes Rupert’ Rudd and opposition leader, Tony ‘errand boy’ Abbott, support information CENSORSHIP in the most REGRESSIVE policy move YET SEEN in Oz since media censorship was lifted in the 60's!
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text RomneyCare Obama Style smiley, Monday, Mar 22 2010, 8:48pm
Obama, after throwing out every vestige of a PUBLIC health care model, COMPLETELY kowtowed to PRIVATE Health Insurance Corporatists by enforcing membership to private Insurance ‘care’ and providing government subsidies to the PRIVATE SECTOR for those who can’t afford coverage! No illusions regarding who or what REALLY holds power in Corporatist America, is there Baa’raack O’Lackey, you tap-dancing, servile, piece of shit! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Tuesday, Mar 23 2010, 8:16pm
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Good riddance, Mike Rann! image The Oz Servility Stakes – Labor faces Nationwide Obliteration! bluey, Friday, Mar 19 2010, 7:59pm
Mike Rann, South Australian Premier, is second only to his Federal counterpart, Kevin ‘custard face’ Rudd, in his obeisance to Corporatists and BIG Business. Rann is facing slaughter at the forthcoming State elections, which some analysts say will be an Oz-wide snowball effect – Rudd and his State Labor counterparts have proven to be the most unrepresentative Labor governments in the nation’s history – it’s ‘all the way’ with BIG Business/Washington and fuck the traditional support base of average working Aussies! (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

text Obama to ORDER Rudd on Policy Captain, Tuesday, Mar 16 2010, 10:18pm
How dare that puppet, Aussie flea, Kevin ‘CENSORSHIP’ Rudd, refuse our Mad Cow beef exports, who or what does that UNREPRESENTATIVE servile flea think he is, a REAL AUSTRALIAN or something? It’s confirmed, Obama will not risk an open visit to Oz due to increased security concerns; it seems yanks continue to regard Aussies as an unholy bunch of unpredictable and dangerous penal colonialists, rebels, renegades and Freedom Fighters, too dangerous a population for an open visit, can’t understand how they arrived at that conclusion! Nevertheless, Obama, who would rather not stop in Oz period, has been forced to visit Rudd in Canberra and instruct him on a number of policy decisions Washington wishes its puppet government to adopt! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Mar 18 2010, 6:37pm
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crooks.jpg image Abbott unintentionally flushes BOUGHT Oz politicians stylus, Tuesday, Mar 16 2010, 7:58am
Former and current Australian politicians who have clearly been bought by BIG Business have lined up in criticism of Tony Abbott’s new tax on Big Business to support his radical parental leave initiative. We have covered reprehensible criminal and Wall St servant Paul Keating’s criticism in a previous article. However, former conservative treasurer, Peter ‘supercilious prick’ Costello, remembered as the man who lacked the guts to fight for his party’s leadership, joined the fray later this afternoon in SUPPORT-- wouldn’t ya know it – of Kevin Rudd and BIG Business – LOL! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Mar 16 2010, 6:31pm
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text Keating responds and springs to the defence of failing PM, Rudd stylus, Monday, Mar 15 2010, 9:37pm
Former Indonesian arse-licker, money launderer -- the casino we had to have on Christmas Island -- Balibo denier, bank deregulator, reprehensible traitor and corrupt criminal, Paul ‘fingers’ Keating, sprang to the ‘aid’ of failing PM and reprehensible LACKEY, Kevin ‘custard face’ Rudd today, by taking a characteristically unconsidered, loud-mouthed swipe at opposition leader Tony ‘domini’ Abbott, calling him a policy devoid “little John Howard,” a [Rhodes Scholar] “intellectual nobody” and parliamentary “resident nutter!”
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Abbott, Jesuit trained attack dog, good boy, sit! image Tony Abbott, ‘all errand, no boy!’ quill, Monday, Mar 15 2010, 5:53am
The Australian opposition leader, Tony Abbott is known as a combative, ultra-right wing, unapologetic, Catholic, arch-conservative – a PRODUCT not a person, a fabrication not an original! There is NOTHING in Abbott’s character that has not been created/superimposed by his ultra-conservative Catholic background – he is about as original as a Chinese fake! (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

text Speculation surrounds Obama’s proposed Oz ‘stopover!’ dasha, Sunday, Mar 14 2010, 8:25am
Amid heightened security concerns, the on-again, off-again Obama visit to Oz is generating more than its fair share of public criticism. Should recent media speculation on America’s real attitude to Oz, ‘a nation led by spineless, servile, lackeys of NO CONSEQUENCE,’ be safely ignored, or should it be taken seriously?
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Joe 'identity crisis' Biden image U.S. Vice-President is living in his own private ‘Israel’ river, Thursday, Mar 11 2010, 4:53am
The headline could have been pulled from a speech dictated to former Oz PM, John ‘deputy sheriff’ Howard, when he shocked average Aussies with the ‘news’ that “America has no better friend than Australia;” that claim certainly was news to the Oz population that have always viewed Americans with a derisive and suspicious eye! In yet another indication that the ruling elite has run out of tricks, almost the exact same line was adapted for the US-Israel relationship. (story and 1 image)
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text Without exception, EVERY corrupt, criminal State in History has been Overthrown! snowy, Wednesday, Mar 10 2010, 7:50pm
It’s quite a sight to see, a very pleasing process indeed; the ever widening chasm that has formed between the mainstream, criminal, LYING, media/political discourse and the masses disseminating TRUTH and DEMANDING JUSTICE!
international / social/political / news report

text Ventura: ‘I despise the two parties’ David Edwards via fleet, Tuesday, Mar 9 2010, 6:56pm
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have never been in greater peril than they are right now and the threat is coming from the US government, according to retired professional wrestler Jesse Ventura. The former Governor of Minnesota appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday to promote his new book American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us.
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