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Stephen 'kneepads' Smith image America’s Soft Colony, Australia bluey, Thursday, Oct 20 2011, 2:44am
‘O, that it would always be this easy,’ laments Washington, as it is forced to commit compromising war crimes around the globe and bomb into submission those nations that reject its designs for domination and resource THEFT – how dare they, we are American, we are exceptional and function above the law, WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT! (story and 2 images)
national / peace/war / commentary

Sirte residential area after NATO 'humanitarian' bombing! image The Outrageous War Crimes Committed by US/NATO in Libya Jeremy Salt via jalal, Wednesday, Oct 19 2011, 9:12am
A legend is being created that is going to haunt the people who have been propelled into power in Tripoli. In Sirte a handful of men have set an example of bravery in the face of impossible odds that will eventually find its place in Arab history. Weeks of missile and bomb attacks have reduced the centre of the city to ruins and killed an unknown number of civilians. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Oct 19 2011, 1:38pm
international / peace/war / other press

text Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet Noah Shachtman via Kismo, Monday, Oct 10 2011, 7:53am
A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over Afghanistan and other warzones. [Really! Editorial advice is the story is not to be taken at face value; "Wired" is a suss source, as verified with the Lamo, Assange and Bradley Manning affair. Technically speaking, it is well known that all remote control computer systems are subject to hacker intervention, though in this instance we doubt authenticity. Most sustained attacks are directed at high yield/reward military satellite systems. Nevertheless, if such a breach has occurred it would be more the result of USAF ineptitudes rather than external hacker skills. The USA continues to trail most nations in the field of Cyber warfare -- closing wide IT gaps in expertise is almost impossible.]
international / peace/war / other press

cards.jpg image And the House came Tumbling Down stylus, Friday, Sep 23 2011, 11:34am
What a tragedy for NATO and the Libyan people that CIA-backed rebels are further from securing -- for any length of time -- any Libyan territory whatsoever. Today the situation continues to deteriorate and is worse than at any time during the West’s criminal ‘humanitarian’ bombing campaign. Oil Transnationals and the Reserve Banking cartel behind this and every other conflict/war raging today, now stand in full view of the world AND HISTORY with their pants around their ankles revealing -- for those equipped with a magnifying glass -- their tiny, FEAR-retracted penises! (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

text Criminal Empire, Criminal War Gareth Porter via gan, Wednesday, Sep 21 2011, 10:27pm
[Hard learning] American forces in Central Asia are engaging in outright crime in their futile attempts to gain control of the region. I refer to targeted criminal assassinations, euphemistically referred to by the Corporate military as, "night raids." Those who do not learn from history are forced to repeat it -- the well known adage here applies.

The US utilised EXACTLY the same tactic in Vietnam -- then known as the PHOENIX PROGRAM -- assassinating thousands of innocent individuals on rumour alone. The result, as history clearly teaches us, was the fueling of HUGE OPPOSITION to American forces, which eventually culminated in a humiliating DEFEAT for the INEPT EMPIRE, nothing has changed today.

international / peace/war / other press

missile.jpg image The US integrates Oz into its Global Missile 'Defence' darcy, Monday, Sep 19 2011, 1:07pm
America's latest colonial outpost, AUSTRALIA, is to be utilised as an offensive military launchpad against China, should it ever challenge US hegemony. The first stage of Gillard's treasonous sell out has begun.

Aussie citizens are no doubt overjoyed at the prospect of becoming primary nuclear targets but America could care less, Australia has always been viewed as an exploitable piece of convenient real estate populated by beer swilling, uninformed drongos. (story and 1 image)
national / peace/war / commentary

text Libya’s and Serbia’s COWARDLY ally, CHINA stan, Saturday, Sep 17 2011, 12:20am
The cowardly Chinese (dog) ambassador to the UN, Li Baodong, said Friday that China would “continue to support” (?) the Libyan people in their efforts to maintain sovereignty, well, ya could’ve fooled me and the rest of the world! ‘Support’ like that no one needs! One can only wonder what Gaddafi thinks of his gutless ally today. Yes, indeed, China WAS regarded as ally and friend by the Libyan people as it was by the Serbian people that is, until China showed its TRUE COLOUR, YELLOW as in COWARD! (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Saturday, Sep 17 2011, 11:54pm
international / peace/war / commentary

text The Libyan Deal in a Nutshell baz, Tuesday, Sep 13 2011, 9:18am
The US/NATO gets to steal the Oil and other energy resources – after a massive ‘humanitarian’ bombing campaign – and their al-Qaeda, fundamentalist, jihadist allies on the ground get government with western approval to impose sharia law. A retrograde move for the Libyan people but do Western Corporatist forces behind this criminal war give a damn once they have what they want?
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Tony Blair, war criminal and sociopath image 9/11 Criminal Conspirators Pissing into the Wind nano, Saturday, Sep 10 2011, 1:28am
Tony Blair, reprehensible LIAR, mass murderer, sociopath and war criminal has emerged from his hole to support the now blown to shreds fiction of the official 9/11 story. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Sep 10 2011, 8:51pm
international / peace/war / commentary

text Who exactly Fears Our Freedoms and Our Inalienable Sovereign Rights? nano, Thursday, Sep 1 2011, 11:11pm
One need look no further than the current Libyan travesty for an answer.

A few important FACTS first. Libya was a debt-free nation with a multi-ethnic population enjoying the highest standard of living in all Africa; indeed above that of many other nations in the world. Libyans also enjoyed free health care and education and most of the benefits of a fast developing modern nation. Libya had established its own multi-billion-dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund and State owned, as opposed to Foreign owned, BANKING system, which functioned outside the reach of the global Reserve Banking System based in New York and London. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Friday, Sep 2 2011, 11:36pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

Congressman Ron Paul image Libya: We May Have Helped Radical Jihadists Ron Paul via mitch, Monday, Aug 29 2011, 11:32am
Dr. Ron Paul is a Libertarian Republican candidate for the US Presidency. He receives little coverage from the American mass media, which only strengthens his popularity and support base via grass roots, social media and alternative news media sources. Dr Ron Paul identifies himself as a "champion of the [American] Constitution," a document that Bush and the neo-cons hold in contempt, which is perhaps why criminal ruling elites and the mainstream press fear Dr Paul! Other presidential candidates from the Republican camp that receive huge press support are: secessionist Rick Perry, nut case Michele Bachmann and pathological liar, Mormon Mitt Romney -- not a difficult choice in a field of mental lepers! (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / other press

Col. Gaddafi image Guerrilla War Inevitable While Gaddafi Lives Robert Fisk via gan, Friday, Aug 26 2011, 12:42am
Muammar Gaddafi vanishes after promising to fight to the death. Isn't that just what Saddam Hussein did? And of course, when Saddam disappeared and US troops suffered the very first losses from the Iraqi insurgency in 2003, we were told – by the US proconsul Paul Bremer, the generals, diplomats and the decaying television "experts" – that the gunmen of the resistance were "die-hards", "dead-enders" who didn't realise that the war was over. And if Gaddafi and his egg-headed son remain at large – and if the violence does not end – how soon will we be introduced once more to the "dead-enders" who simply will not understand that the lads from Benghazi are in charge and that the war is over? Indeed, within 15 minutes – literally – of my writing the above words (2pm yesterday), a Sky News reporter had re-invented "die-hards" as a definition for Gaddafi's men. See what I mean? (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Friday, Aug 26 2011, 9:41am
international / peace/war / other press

text Libya: orchestrated disinformation campaign confirmed kale, Thursday, Aug 25 2011, 9:27am
The US/NATO war on Libya demonstrates (proves) many things, UN complicity in LYING, the farce that is the ICC, the corruption/cowardice of Russia and China, but above all, it proves beyond doubt, the UNIFORMITY of mainstream media 'coverage,' or should I say, orchestrated disinformation and plain LYING on a massive scale! A situation that clearly points to the existence of a determining 'body' or some form of central policy control -- yes, Gomer, there really is a global criminal elite orchestrating (almost) all major events (war and financial crimes) in the World today! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Friday, Aug 26 2011, 10:50am
international / peace/war / commentary

text Tripoli and Western Media Desperation harley quinn, Tuesday, Aug 23 2011, 10:35am
Sort of like the recent 50 versions of the Bin Laden assassination story, don't you think? Initial reports that Gaddafi's son had been captured in Tripoli proved to be completely FALSE, as Saif al-Islam later took western journalists on a tour of Tripoli -- laughing all the way! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Wednesday, Aug 24 2011, 11:00am
international / peace/war / other press

text [Eastern] CIA backed rebels backgrounded as Western Tribes take the Capital Paul Mcgeough via ali, Monday, Aug 22 2011, 10:52am
WASHINGTON: Muammar Gaddafi seems all but done for as rebel forces snatch the capital from under his nose. The scenes in Tripoli are redolent of the April 2003 morning when a US-led invasion force entered Baghdad - the invasion was to be a ''cakewalk'' and the troops would be coming home in a matter of months.
international / peace/war / other press

Rebel firing into the air -- staged shot image "Free," my arse! kris, Sunday, Aug 21 2011, 9:49pm
Western mass media is brimming with reports, today Monday, 22 August, of rebel forces taking Tripoli; the linked piece from the CFR controlled, New York Times is typical. Americans are not very good at propaganda and always overdo it. The linked story is no exception. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / other press

text Libya and Western Mass Media Gastric glass, Sunday, Aug 21 2011, 10:06am
Thankfully, a brave Independent journalist is reporting actual events directly from Tripoli. Go get 'em Lizzie Phelan! Oz media 'packaged information handlers' who refer to themselves as journalists, stand naked and fully exposed as misinformation facilitators and propagandists for elite minority interests.
international / peace/war / other press

Col. Gaddafi image Confirmed: Gaddafi forces Liberate Misrata Lizzie Phelan via fleet, Tuesday, Aug 16 2011, 10:45am
While the journalists suffering from cabin fever in Tripoli’s Rixos hotel, publish their dreams that imperialism’s lackeys (the rebels/rats "tebels") have taken Zawiya, Ghuriyan and Sorman, they are ignoring a decisive moment in the crisis. (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / other press

Ban Ki-moon image Ban Ki-Moon, the Obedient Secretary General baz, Monday, Aug 15 2011, 10:36am
UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, better known as ‘ol’ rubberstamp,’ has FINALLY voiced “concern” over the civilian death toll in the UN sanctioned Libyan “humanitarian” war of regime change and resource theft. But where was Mr Moon when NATO FLAGRANTLY attempted an un-mandated and illegal assassination of Col. Gaddafi, which resulted instead in the deaths of three children under 12 and Gaddafi’s son? Would that violation of the UN mandate and international law constitute a WAR CRIME, Mr Moon, you pathetic, BIASED, servile, spineless dunce! (story and 1 image)
international / peace/war / commentary

text There is NO HONOR: US Army Ranger takes own Life stele, Sunday, Aug 14 2011, 11:31pm
The suicide of US Army Ranger, Sgt. Jared Hagemann, is not an isolated case; suicide is now the largest cause of death for US troops fighting unjust, civilian killing wars for Corporate profits. (story and 5 comments)
Last Commented Sunday, Sep 11 2011, 7:23am
international / peace/war / commentary

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