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Remember, metals have no intrinsic value either! image The Inner Workings of the International Gold Market Bob Chapman via fleet, Saturday, Sep 25 2010, 9:28pm
We recently saw gold at $1,300.00 an ounce. That is a long way from $35.00 an ounce on August 15, 1971, just a year shy of 40 years, from when President Nixon closed the gold window. Over the past ten years gold has been up about 20% a year. Shares and mint state graded numismatic coins have certainly outperformed gold bullion. We suppose we’ll know in the final analysis what government manipulation has done to prices and results. We believe that what they have done has been criminal for which they will never be prosecuted. On the other hand buyers have had an unprecedented opportunity to buy gold and silver, bullion, coins and shares at artificially suppressed prices. That condition still exists. Year-to-date in 2010 gold is up about 17%. (story and 1 image)
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text Stock Markets -- Last Warning marco, Thursday, Jun 17 2010, 10:23am
The global economic collapse of 2010 is right on schedule -- anyone that has any amount of hard earned money in this totally unstable casino environment is WARNED for the last time get out of the market or risk catastrophic losses. I can't make it any clearer.
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Julian Assange image Be Our Guest, Julian! Raffi Khatchadourian via Kismo, Friday, Jun 11 2010, 10:38am
The house on Grettisgata Street, in Reykjavik, is a century old, small and white, situated just a few streets from the North Atlantic. The shifting northerly winds can suddenly bring ice and snow to the city, even in springtime, and when they do a certain kind of silence sets in. This was the case on the morning of March 30th, when a tall Australian man named Julian Paul Assange, with gray eyes and a mop of silver-white hair, arrived to rent the place. Assange was dressed in a gray full-body snowsuit, and he had with him a small entourage. “We are journalists,” he told the owner of the house. Eyjafjallajökull had recently begun erupting, and he said, “We’re here to write about the volcano.” (story and 6 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Thursday, Jun 17 2010, 7:02am
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atwistedtale.jpg imageaudio A Random Juxtaposition harley, Thursday, Apr 8 2010, 10:38am
Today, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland has been displaced by the official US government report on 9/11. The report is the most absurd piece of writing in the English language, it defies reason, physics and an army of professionals demanding a forensic investigation! (story and 1 image and 3 audio files)
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text Which Bank? The People's Bank! Dale Wetzel via gan, Wednesday, Feb 17 2010, 7:21am
We shouldn't forget that Oz once had a people's bank, The Common-wealth Bank of Australia. Former PM, Paul 'deregulation' Keating, killed it off and sold it to the private sector (Wall St) then instituted the most ODIOUS banking practice ever seen in Oz -- Bank FEES for doing their bloody job! Oz banks now have a license to steal so why bother working for a living! If ever an Aussie needed hanging its Keating -- he's worse than the three little shits Hawke, Howard and Rudd rolled into one [turd]!
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text To Anonymous and ALL the crewz Kismo, Wednesday, Feb 10 2010, 5:53pm
[Greetz to ALL the keyboard warriors and kiddies alike – We are ONE (we shouldn’t forget most of us started as kiddies!)]

The hacker group Anonymous, after a previous failed, but big hearted, attempt finally downed Oz government web sites with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – got there in the end dudes! But don’t forget to give credit where it’s due, to an early pioneer hacker and warrior, the man who developed the principles/STRATEGY, code and early tools to implement Denial of Service attacks, it was his brain and skill that downed Yahoo in the early days – no one thought it could be done, another barrier overcome – there are no limits to the skill and creative minds of elite hackers! So I take this opportunity to give credit where it’s due, to the man himself, ‘mixter’ – well done, you old cunt; we couldn’t have done it without you! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Saturday, Feb 13 2010, 3:27am
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Howard Zinn image A Tribute to Howard Zinn cleaves, Wednesday, Jan 27 2010, 10:25pm
American Historian and Activist, Howard Zinn, died of a heart attack in California yesterday aged 87. Everybody dies but its how you live that counts and Howard, an outstanding character and man of INTEGRITY, lived it well, very well indeed. He never let them live it down. For a bloody yank you did alright, ol’ mate! RIP Howard Zinn. Until the next round, enjoy a well earned rest. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Feb 10 2010, 4:24am
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An outboard, RPG and Asymmetry image Survival needs dictate tactics for Somali 'pirates' staff report via skip, Sunday, Jan 17 2010, 10:14pm
The combined navies of the West and now China patrol pirate infested waters off the East coast of Africa but to no avail it seems. Tanker Captains have altered course to avoid capture yet desperate Somali fisherman, deprived of their traditional livelihood, have extended their range and have captured ships approximately 2K miles from the coast! A record ransom of $7m was recently paid for the release of the Greek flag tanker, Maran Centaurus! (story and 1 image)
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text Bernanke applies liquid palliative while Real Economy continues to flounder Mike Whitney via fleet, Saturday, Dec 12 2009, 5:31pm
The Fed's monetary intervention has created a bifurcated market. Stocks rise on an ocean of central bank liquidity while the real economy continues to languish in a small "d" depression. The disparity between financial markets and the underlying "productive" economy has never been greater. Nor has the "wealth gap", the gross inequality exacerbated by decades of "monetarist" supply side policies. Bernanke simply has no other choice but to try to inflate another gigantic bubble that will lift the economy from the doldrums on a speculative wave of zero-rate liquidity. The problem is, according to Bernanke himself, the strategy is not working.
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text U.S. stages coup to avoid $12 Trillion national DEBT Obligations! The Onion via captain poopet, Sunday, Nov 22 2009, 5:42pm
The world is aware that America has no intention of meeting its $12 trillion debt obligations -- how does it feel China? You had your chance. [Suckers!]
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Howling Dingo image just let her rip! yarra, Sunday, Jun 28 2009, 12:15pm
Certain times there is nothing else to say but ... (story and 1 image)
international / miscellaneous / commentary

Airbus A330 image If you value your life do not fly Airbus! William John Cox via quill, Saturday, Jun 20 2009, 10:17am
Since entering service in 1974 with many technological innovations, such as computerized fly-by-wire control systems, user-friendly cockpits, and extended use of composite materials, 5,717 aircraft have been manufactured by Airbus, an European aerospace company. More than 5,100 Airbuses remain in service. (story and 1 image)
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equine.jpg image Obama attempts to fix gate AFTER ‘bull’ has bolted! Kismo, Friday, May 29 2009, 9:41am
Ya gotta hand it to those yankee doodle dunces; first, their unrestrained GREED outsources almost all banking and financial computer network maintenance and data processing to developing nations; second, local third party companies that employ citizens from marginal nations win contracts to maintain vital computer networks! After gifting the ‘family jewels’ to strangers yankee doodle dumbfucks wonder why security systems are so easily breached and vital networks so easily compromised. Well, doh! (story and 1 image)
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voodoos.jpg image The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body Helen Pilcher via michael, Thursday, May 28 2009, 9:18am
"Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see!" -- I was waiting for an opportunity to use that saying, which is an old Irish proverb, I am ‘led to believe!’ Now there’s a loaded expression that may not be as innocuous as you may think? (story and 1 image)
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fbicipav.jpg image FBI Spyware Has Been Snaring [some] Extortionists and [a few 5th rate] Hackers for Years Kevin Poulsen via Kismo, Thursday, May 21 2009, 11:25pm
A sophisticated FBI-produced spyware program has played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in federal investigations into extortion plots, terrorist threats and hacker attacks in cases stretching back at least seven years, newly declassified documents show. (story and 2 images)
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text Cayman Island and other ‘haven’ Banks panicking! dev null, Monday, May 18 2009, 2:18am
For those unaware that Cayman Island banks offer refuge for corporate tax cheats, drug cartels, CIA and other sordid organisations – BE ADVISED! A huge percentage of the filthy cash deposited in ‘haven’ accounts has been utilised to prop up (failed) US banks – did you really imagine criminal and clandestine ‘refuge’ banks were somehow disconnected or separated from the rest of the banking world, you greedy morons? All those filthy, mega CASH deposits have been absorbed and distributed as digital numerics throughout the entire banking world– in other words, the bulk of the cash is gone! But you could always go to the FBI or other regulatory body and ‘scream’ that you’ve been robbed, or that all 'YOUR' stolen blood money HAS BEEN STOLEN! (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Monday, May 18 2009, 9:10pm
international / miscellaneous / news report

text Masturbation and Servility prevent Swine Flu ... Australia is saved! w. king, Thursday, Apr 30 2009, 11:05pm
[Hmm ... a little more substance, please. Ed]

Try focusing on this REALITY -- The 'new' U.S. Administration refuses to pursue TORTURERS and those responsible for the deaths of millions of INNOCENT civilians in Indo-China and Iraq. By any definition of the word, the USA is the world's leading TERRORIST State!

Stick that in your Swine Flu pipe and smoke it!

international / miscellaneous / news report

Chile's Llaima volcano erupts image Evacuation ordered as Chile volcano erupts again Simon Gardner via reed, Saturday, Apr 4 2009, 10:52pm
We predicted a chain reaction of volcanic events after the Tonga deep sea eruption. We had Alaska almost immediately after, now Chile. There will be more activity North of Australia followed by increased magnitude events along the 'rim.' Think in terms of increasing amplitude waves! (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Sunday, Apr 5 2009, 8:58pm
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PDF Document The Australian ‘Banana’ Tragedy birdie, Saturday, Mar 14 2009, 11:20pm
This story is a tragedy in progress and is possibly only a minor symptom of a broader social malaise!

The Australian public is fully aware that the great Aussie banana, sold by leading supermarkets tastes like something approximating cardboard! Nevertheless, these pigswill, in-season, bananas sell for high prices ranging between $3.58 to $4.98/kilo – Woolworths and Coles supermarket chains seem to have recently aligned their prices -- an ‘odd coincidence;’ don’t you think? Is there a bloody government regulator out there, anywhere? (story and 1 comment and 1 attached file)
Last Commented Sunday, Mar 15 2009, 9:51am
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sherlock.jpg image CIA Following 'Bin Laden' on Twitter; Hopes to Locate Madman via Tweets Andy Borowitz via dingo, Saturday, Feb 28 2009, 11:05pm
In what some are calling a breakthrough in the hunt for the world's most wanted man, the Central Intelligence Agency revealed today that it is following Osama bin Laden on Twitter. (story and 1 image)
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