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Afghan Pres. Karzai receives 'croc' award image The ‘news’ of the day, I just wiped my arse with it! finch, Sunday, Jun 22 2008, 1:21am
Where shall I start? It’s all of one substance/character, managed and manipulated, vacuous, sensationalist, propaganda tailored for western empty-heads, isn’t that right Mr. Murdoch? The ‘wires’ are overflowing with mindless excrement perfectly suited for a mindless western, shit-for-brains, audience! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Jun 28 2008, 2:16am
international / mass media / commentary

text Moyers: 'Journalism in profound crisis' Bill Moyers via rialator, Saturday, Jun 7 2008, 11:10pm
MINNEAPOLIS -- Today, legendary journalist Bill Moyers electrified an audience of more than 3,500 in Minneapolis, calling the media reform movement "the most significant citizens' movement to emerge in this new century." (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Jun 9 2008, 1:53am
international / mass media / other press

text Artist alert in the wake of attacks by conservative despots quill, Tuesday, May 27 2008, 11:34pm
Conservatives, anal regulators, perverts and politicians fail to realise that Artists are responsible for ALL media output whether it’s fine art, television/film production, journalism, advertising etc etc; an attack on one Australian artist is an attack on ALL Artists! In view of the combined creative power that Artists possess it is a brave or very foolish ‘show pony’ that would offend the Arts and/or Artists.
international / mass media / commentary

Gen. Patraeus, flags and Angelina Jolie image A Jolie bad show gan, Thursday, Feb 28 2008, 9:17am
Today’s click on my news aggregator produced a curious item; Angelina Jolie in Iraq pleading with General David Petraeus to assist the millions of Iraqi refugees. Might I assist and remind our ineffective ‘pretty little thing’ that Rumsfeld made it clear when he stated that American forces are “NOT nation builders” or humanitarians. Carried in the sub-text is the cruel Truth; the American military corps are amphetamine-crazed KILLERS, destroyers, spoilers and TORTURERS -- that is the hard reality. (story and 2 images)
international / mass media / commentary

google_bb.jpg image The Other Face of Google Michael Y. Park via reed, Wednesday, Feb 20 2008, 8:19am
NEW YORK — How big do you have to be to earn the wrath of the United Nations and Internet giant Google? If you're journalist Matthew Lee, all it takes are some critical articles and a scrappy little Web site. Lee is the editor-in-chief, Webmaster and pretty much the only reporter for Inner City Press, a pint-sized Internet news operation that's taken on Goliath-sized entities like Citigroup since 1987. (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / other press

wikileaks.jpg image Whistle-blower site taken offline staff report BBC via reed, Monday, Feb 18 2008, 10:22am
[We are not surprised by the following report of information suppression on the Internet. We have never harboured any illusions regarding just who it is that demands free speech be sacrificed on the altar of profit and expediency. Is it a coincidence that Big Business in the form of a Swiss Bank -- no less -- has taken action to stifle a web site dedicated to anonymous leaks? How else could leaks be safely disseminated?

In the interests of the community, democracy and free speech we are obliged to offer this site as a temporary outlet for such information.]
(story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Feb 19 2008, 8:42pm
international / mass media / other press

Kidman -- did her best image Murdoch press: whole lotta ‘shining’ goin’ on budgie, Sunday, Dec 16 2007, 9:27am
A sure indicator of second rate journalism is plagiarism, ‘line dancing,’ (following someone else’s lead) and repetitive headline expressions. In the past 24 hours a substantial amount of “shining” has emanated from the Murdoch stable of second rate journos, drunks, face-slapping slags and sycophants – time for a serious staff review Rupert, your Oz contingent is unravelling! (story and 2 images)
national / mass media / commentary

text Scandal and the status quo fish, Saturday, Dec 8 2007, 6:31pm
Western societies have become active seekers of sensationalism and scandal to the extent that today scandal has become a component of political life, but not in the usual sense. Scandal is now deftly utilised by ad men, propagandists and consultants for purposes that are not immediately apparent. In an interesting inversion of usual effect, political scandal today actually assists those who are ‘scandalised!‘
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

text Journalistic fools feast at media trough peptide, Thursday, Dec 6 2007, 9:17pm
Has it occurred to anyone that recent media releases of (destroyed) CIA tapes and intelligence reports contradicting Bush and Cheney rhetoric on Iran have no real value other than to create sensationalist stories and media feeding frenzies? Easily led and distracted journalists feed on these releases as do sharks in a feeding frenzy – much to the delight of Whitehouse PR and press staff! One can almost hear the contemptuous and scornful remarks of Whitehouse consultants, ‘that’ll keep ‘em entertained and busy while we push on with the plan!’
international / mass media / commentary

Leigh Sales, a convenient face! image When is a journalist a joke? dingo, Friday, Sep 7 2007, 12:56am
An exclusive interview conducted by national security correspondent to the (Oz) ABC, Ms Leigh Sales with US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice was without doubt the most wasted journalistic opportunity I have ever witnessed. Rice was allowed to literally get away with MURDER! Sales seems to have forgotten it is a journalist’s job to DIG for the TRUTH, not allow an opportunity to slip through her very wet fingers. (story and 2 images)
national / mass media / opinion/analysis

Peter 'supercilious prick' Costello image Press divided over supercilious prick’s remarks budgie, Tuesday, Aug 14 2007, 11:51am
The Oz press gallery – a gallery of cringing drunks, no-talents and gutless wonders; do any of you remember chasing a story till it busts wide open? It’s called INVESTIGATIVE journalism you bunch of cowardly editorial slaves! Run with a story, try it, it always reaps results. You could start with the “aluminium tubing” LIE which leads to the whole orchestrated deception of our involvement in the criminal intervention in Iraq. It ends with Howard and a few senior ministers held to account! ‘Ozat for sure-fire winning material, you bunch of gastrics? Is there one among the recidivist drunks and pill popping nervous wrecks that has not completely lost the art of investigating and reporting a story without fear or favour? Have you forgotten your responsibility to the public and to DEMOCRACY, you bunch of trainee fascist propagandists? How could you allow the likes of Murdoch to destroy the free spirit of reporting, you bunch of dead losses? (story and 1 image)
national / mass media / commentary

text Murdoch blunders with Bloggers gan, Tuesday, Aug 7 2007, 12:13am
A blunder of truly huge proportions is uncharacteristic of master media manipulator/mogul Rupert Murdoch. Allowing his Fox news ‘attack dog,’ Bill (bow wow) O’Reilly to attack something he has no hope of either influencing or overcoming is a gross miscalculation. The blogosphere is becoming the first choice for news and opinion for many readers tired of the fabricated fantasies and thin propaganda the mass media constantly spews at the public.
international / mass media / commentary

wareasy2.jpg image A Blurry Line Between Propaganda and News Khody Akhavi via rialator, Saturday, Jul 28 2007, 11:23am
WASHINGTON, Jul 27 (IPS) - A shocking thing happens midway through Norman Solomon's documentary film "War Made Easy".

While analysing the George W. Bush administration's lead-up to the Iraq invasion, Solomon plays a news clip of Eason Jordan, a CNN News chief executive who, in an interview with CNN, boasts of the network's cadre of professional "military experts". In fact, CNN's retired military generals turned war analysts were so good, Eason said, that they had all been vetted and approved by the U.S. government. (story and 2 images)
international / mass media / other press

text Rise of the "unwashed" Blogosphere Joe Conason via reed, Wednesday, Jul 25 2007, 7:02pm
Not so long ago, the Republican right expected to dominate American politics for generations to come. Karl Rove, “boy genius” of the GOP, believed that his generation had achieved a partisan realignment that would overturn the progressive achievements of the past century.
international / mass media / other press

text The Semiotics of Racism and Terrorism William Bowles via reed, Friday, Jul 13 2007, 2:20pm
Language is without peer as the most destructive of all Weapons of Mass Destruction, if so used! The obvious examples are Bush and Bin Laden; where would both these murdering criminals be without the Bible and Koran translating into the actions of Wahhabists and Evangelicals – such is the power of Language/text. We encourage everyone to read the following excellent little piece and pursue the discipline. The inaction and tolerance of the masses in the face of appalling holocausts and overt criminality perpetrated by our governments becomes less mysterious if the subliminal power of language is understood. Becoming aware of the operative layers of language inoculates against slave inducing subliminal messaging. [Eds.]
international / mass media / other press

Wendi and Rupert image Murdoch’s Dealings in China: It’s Business, and It’s Personal Joseph Kahn via rialator, Monday, Jun 25 2007, 1:38pm
BEIJING, June 25 — Many big companies have sought to break into the Chinese market over the past two decades, but few of them have been as ardent and unrelenting as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Mr. Murdoch has flattered Communist Party leaders and done business with their children. His Fox News network helped China’s leading state broadcaster develop a news Web site. He joined hands with the Communist Youth League, a power base in the ruling party, in a risky television venture, his China managers and advisers say. (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / other press

Golden microphone, an anachronism image Legendary Oz broadcaster retires with a jibe, not with a whimper! barra, Sunday, Jun 24 2007, 12:42pm
After 55 years on radio and nine prime ministers later, John Laws announces his retirement. The current racist, war criminal, pathologically lying prime minister, John Howard, rang to congratulate Laws for his many years as a public opinion shaper and mass media demagogue [inferred] Laws responded, "I knew it was time to quit last week when I talked to you [Howard] and you called me 'mate'." Between these two men Laws’ comment needs no further elaboration. (story and 1 image)
national / mass media / news report

Tony Blair demonstrating his proficiency! image Tony Blair's little tantrum The Age via rialator, Tuesday, Jun 12 2007, 10:49pm
A very ungrateful Tony Blair erupts over his perceived unfair treatment by the mass media. But not a mention of its support in promulgating his 45 minute lie regarding WMD and attack capability of pre-invasion Iraq. We also note that the media hasn't hounded Blair regarding his accountability for civilian causalities in the pre-emptive illegal invasion based on lies -- but who would expect integrity or gratitude from a prima donna? The following report is very revealing of a personality that should never have had influence over the lives of others. It is not the media that Blair should fear or berate, it is history that will portray him in grim detail and really expose the poodle who would have been a prime minister but for the very profound need to be a sycophant. (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Thursday, Jun 14 2007, 8:32pm
international / mass media / other press

Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels with Hitler image The Art of Misinformation and Crowd Management finch, Tuesday, Apr 17 2007, 4:54pm
In answer to growing animosity and the widely held view that the USA is a pariah among nations, compensatory responses from U.S. propagandists are becoming more frequent. The following media ‘staff report’ has been released to a number of international media outlets; India, Pakistan, Australia and Thailand to name the few. However, the ‘news’ release has received little coverage elsewhere, especially in locations familiar with U.S. double standards and hypocrisy. We refer to two Australian releases for our brief analysis. (story and 2 images)
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

John 'singo' Singleton imageattachment Singo furious over Broadcast Regulator’s ruling on Alan Jones barra, Wednesday, Apr 11 2007, 10:36pm
One could almost feel sorry for highflying, right wing, media types who derive a living from exploiting the lowest aspects of human nature. But there is ‘no love lost’ around here and I imagine anywhere else. Media moguls are getting a taste of life at the receiving end, perhaps they may think twice before making IRRESPONSIBLE racist, vilifying comments at the expense of those in the least position to defend themselves. The results of negative media hype and racist remarks include foul abuse levelled at you, your wife and kids in public; being spat on for no reason other than your skin colour or religion, and the ugly culmination of all racist behaviour, the race riot (Cronulla, 2005). Are we sorry the purveyors of social division and slur are experiencing frustration at the lack of recourse and remedial action available to them – not on your life? (story and 1 comment and 1 image and 1 attached file)
Last Commented Thursday, Apr 12 2007, 11:55am
national / mass media / commentary

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