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Carbon Tax -- note the Jewish Goldman Sachs figure image The Oz Carbon Tax/Crucifixion -- the REAL Cost dasha, Saturday, Apr 14 2012, 9:23pm
After reading the following report, based on conservative estimates, the question that should be asked is WHO designed this outrageous Tax? We know Corporate lackey, Juliar Gillard isn't capable of independent thought, she was pushed into power because Rudd began to oppose the powers. So who is behind this unnecessary, crucifying TAX BURDEN, which will INCREASE the cost of EVERYTHING? (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Saturday, Apr 14 2012, 10:14pm
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Civilian killng US Marines polluting our soil image Welcome to the Occupation - US Troops arrive in Darwin, Australia bluey, Wednesday, Apr 4 2012, 11:13am
The first stage of Gillard's TREASONOUS acquiescence to Washington has been realised today with the arrival in Darwin of the first contingent of PERMANENT US troops of occupation to be stationed on OUR sacred and SOVEREIGN SOIL.

After granting war mongering, civilian killing, America FIVE full scale (nuclear armed) military bases from which they hope to threaten and contain China, Gillard's life is not worth a red cent. Gillard has just made Oz a primary nuclear target and has jeopardised our relationship with our largest trading partner. But she has served her purpose though she is the most unrepresentative, reviled PM in Oz history; Gillard dutifully imposed a Carbon Tax for Goldman Sachs and other Banking interests and has "enthusiastically" sacrificed Australian security for her Washington masters. (story and 1 image)
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PDF Document Nothing is 'Too Big To Fail' - Reserve Banker calls for Reform stan, Sunday, Apr 1 2012, 12:38am
The recently released annual report (below) of the Dallas Reserve Bank calls for the dismantling of the ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks and other TBTF (financial) institutions! If I hadn’t read the report myself I wouldn’t have believed it. However, I was not born yesterday and neither was the now very cynical population which ranks banks together with criminal organisations and likens Banksters to organised crime bosses. (story and 1 comment and 1 attached file)
Last Commented Sunday, Apr 1 2012, 11:15am
international / imperialism / opinion/analysis

visamastercard.jpg image Accurate News – The War is Lost! gire, Friday, Mar 30 2012, 10:48pm
There are many wars and fronts raging today, even as I write; but few are given accurate coverage by the Corporate media for obvious reasons. The title refers to a war that ruling financial elites and plutocrats lost decades ago; principally due to the avaricious fact that ruling elites were too busy feeding at the trough of their ill-gotten gains to notice they had been completely out-manoeuvred, ‘surrounded’ and strategically defeated. (story and 2 comments and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Apr 11 2012, 11:31am
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text 'Paper Gold,' Illusory Money and Political Deception sy, Sunday, Mar 25 2012, 10:35pm
Much like the recent State elections in Queensland Australia, where the incumbent Labor Party was thoroughly thrashed 78 seats to 6, final figures yet to be released, the Bankster money monopoly game plays the same course.
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Cameron and Obama -- note the juxtaposed subordination of Cameron image Puppet Clowns, Cameron and Obama -- "making progress!" [LOL!] baz, Thursday, Mar 15 2012, 2:14am
How many years has the USA and its puppet allies been "making progress" in Afghanistan and avoiding international war crimes courts? Take a wild guess then look at the language of the following report especially the oft repeated but UNDEFINED "mission" word. History dictates that America's 'mission' is criminal invasion, occupation, assassination, regime change, plunder and the mass murder of civilians; any dreamboat that thinks otherwise, after a DECADE of lost wars and recorded heinous crimes, is SORELY DELUDED! (story and 1 image)
international / imperialism / other press

Lackey idiot, Juliar Gillard! image Afghan Slaughter: Gillard Quick to Reassure her Washington Overlords suzie, Sunday, Mar 11 2012, 9:17pm
Washington doormat Juliar 'Carbon Sachs' Gillard -- soon to be former PM of Oz -- was quick to reassure her American masters that SHE is committed to HER mission in Afghanistan; perhaps she should ELABORATE or try to justify the presence of brave Aussie troops fighting filthy, illegal, civilian killing, AMERICAN wars for PROFIT in Afghanistan! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Mar 11 2012, 10:27pm
international / imperialism / commentary

text Stratfor emails reveal Regime Change and NATO/US takeover Agenda for Syria Finian Cunningham via keir, Thursday, Mar 8 2012, 6:17am
The Western governments' and mainstream media’s narrative of a one-sided humanitarian crisis in Syria is rapidly unwinding to reveal a self-serving deception to justify a re-run of Libya-style NATO conquest. In reality, it is the Western powers and their Israeli and Arab henchmen who are fuelling a humanitarian crisis and creating the conditions for all-out war. All of which, it should be said, constitutes criminality comparable to Nazi Germany’s wars of aggression.
international / imperialism / other press

text NATO/US Appointed Puppet Libyan Leader Vows to Use Force on Breakaway Regions Chris Stephen via weaver, Wednesday, Mar 7 2012, 7:55am
After US/NATO backed rebel forces desecrated WWII graves in Libya, demonstrating to the WORLD that NATO appointed puppet Libyan leader, Islamist, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has no control over the country whatsoever, today's 'damage control announcement' that force would be used to prevent regions declaring autonomy is simply a prelude to a new DICTATORSHIP but with NATO and the US behind it! At least Gaddafi ruled a unified nation in peace -- now watch and learn the true nature of NATO and US interventions and the implementation of proxy dictatorships in Libya and in other conquered States and territories.
international / imperialism / other press

text China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power Prof. James Petras via reed, Wednesday, Mar 7 2012, 6:29am
The study of world power has been blighted by Eurocentric historians who have distorted and ignored the dominant role China played in the world economy between 1100 and 1800. John Hobson’s[1] brilliant historical survey of the world economy during this period provides an abundance of empirical data making the case for China ’s economic and technological superiority over Western civilization for the better part of a millennium prior to its conquest and decline in the 19th century.
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burntkoran.jpg image Afghans Turn On Reviled Occupiers Eric S. Margolis via gan, Saturday, Mar 3 2012, 8:52pm
Shock, incomprehension, fury. Americans are feeling these raw emotions as news keeps coming in of more attacks by Afghan government soldiers and officials on US and NATO troops. Six US troops were killed last week as a result of protests across Afghanistan following the burning of the Holy Quran by incredibly dim-witted [par for the course] American soldiers. “Aren’t they supposed to be our allies? We are over there to save them! What outrageous ingratitude,” ask angry, confused American occupiers. (story and 3 images)
international / imperialism / other press

text Syria: A Conspiracy Revealed Felicity Arbuthnot via stele, Friday, Mar 2 2012, 7:12am
It was political analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, in November 2006, who wrote in detail of US plans for the Middle East.

“The term ‘New Middle East’, was introduced to the world in June 2006, in Tel Aviv,†by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East”, he wrote.
international / imperialism / other press

text Data Control: Corporate Claims Copyright of Birds Singing in the Wild tim, Monday, Feb 27 2012, 10:05pm
A 'Youtuber' was unpleasantly surprised by claims from a media corp that he had breached copyright of birds singing in the wild! With SOPA, PIPA and ACTA frenzies across the globe a taste of things to come perhaps. (story and 2 comments)
Last Commented Tuesday, Feb 28 2012, 6:05am
international / imperialism / commentary

text America's Bought Allies Take Note! krill, Thursday, Feb 23 2012, 7:01am
This applies to all standing corrupt governments that have taken the money and pocketed it for themselves. It especially applies to vassal states Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and other conquered states and territories. The corrupt servile leaders of these States are hereby openly informed that you serve a nation that espouses and PURSUES a doctrine of PERMANENT WAR and INDEFINITE DETENTION without trial or charge, which effectively crucifies PEACE and deprives humanity of the most basic human rights! As such you share criminal responsibility in the MANY HEINOUS WAR and other CRIMES against humanity your Washington and Wall Street masters have committed and continue to commit daily. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Feb 23 2012, 8:38pm
international / imperialism / commentary

cia.jpg imagePDF Document The CIA’s links to Wall Street Mark Gaffney via stele, Wednesday, Feb 22 2012, 10:44pm
One of the most successful frauds ever perpetrated upon the American people is the notion that the CIA exists to provide intelligence to the president. In fact, the CIA’s intimate links to Wall Street strongly suggest that the CIA was created to serve the perceived interests of investment bankers. The well documented links to Wall Street can be traced to the founding of the agency. (story and 1 image and 1 attached file)
international / imperialism / other press

image US Invading Syria by Proxy -- it worked in Libya! Tony Cartalucci via stele, Sunday, Feb 12 2012, 8:34pm
Before proceeding to Tony Cartalucci's accurate description of recent events, shouldn't populations everywhere that possess a sense of morality and functioning consciences/minds take note and begin making efforts to save themselves and their respective nations/societies by at least VOTING INDEPENDENTS into high office? Major political parties throughout the world have been purchased by CRIMINAL elites, plain to see -- it is THEY who are responsible for the ALL the wars, murder and destruction since the Balkans! Surely the first option AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE is to VOTE REAL representative independents into Office. Sincere social leaders that promise to separate minority criminal cabals from their money by nationalising the banks and RESTORING LAW, ORDER and placing ALL war and financial criminals on TRIAL for their CRIMES, including members of previous ruling administrations and governments. Representatives with remedial policies such as these should be supported by everyone. Everyone must exercise their DEMOCRATIC PREROGATIVES and VOTE the current crop of CRIMINALS out of office. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Sunday, Feb 12 2012, 10:11pm
international / imperialism / other press

Putin image Syria: Putin yelping like a chihuahua again! David Blair via stan, Saturday, Feb 11 2012, 8:21pm
We’ve heard it all before Putin, remember Libya and the Slavic Balkans, you disgraceful, cowering dog? Yelping like a chihuahua over Syria achieves NOTHING other than a global demonstration of YOUR COWARDICE, lack of will or worse, your duplicitous criminal corruption! Why do you CONSTANTLY fail to support your ALLIES in the face of OVERT Western CRIMINAL aggression? Do you lack the COURAGE to DO SOMETHING ABOUT the SITUATION or are you merely performing, creating the impression that you oppose when you’re really PART OF THE PROBLEM, a complicit player behind the scenes? (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Feb 11 2012, 8:50pm
international / imperialism / other press

uschinaflags.jpg image The Russia-China Veto: Will it Contribute to Reversing the Tide of Global Warfare? Matthias Chang via stan, Thursday, Feb 9 2012, 9:54am
Mao Zedong famously declared that the “US is a paper tiger” and that in winning wars, it is the people that are paramount not weapons. Atomic weapons will not enable a country to win the war. If there was one statement that galvanised the Chinese people to stand up and be counted in the face of open threats of nuclear war and oppression, this was it. Mao Zedong was correct on all counts from a strategic standpoint. And one need not be a communist to appreciate this strategic victory in propaganda warfare, when at the material time China was not even a nuclear power. The army of the People’s Republic of China was essentially a peasant army but one highly motivated and disciplined. China at the material time took a consistent stand in opposing hegemony, standing up to the armed aggressions of the Anglo-American war party in South America, Middle East and Asia. (story and 2 images)
international / imperialism / other press

Wall St owned clown image Ya Can't Fool Putin! Tass via penny, Thursday, Jan 26 2012, 6:50am
Former KGB and current diminutive Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, seems to have finally got the picture after a DECADE of illegal American military expansionism and CONSTANT war. Putin accused the USA of attempting to "dominate the world" (ya kiddin' me, Vladimir!) One wonders where Putin was during the Russian RETREAT from the Balkans, which set the STAGE for unopposed American expansionism. The US learned then that Russia HAD NO BALLS or principles! You will always be remembered as a diminutive, yelping, cowardly DOG, Putin! (story and 1 image)
international / imperialism / other press

Terrified Juliar Gillard clings to her bodyguard image Indigenous Aussies Launch Spontaneous Attack on Oz PM Gillard warra, Wednesday, Jan 25 2012, 11:15pm
Incensed by comments opposition leader Abbott made, inferring that Aborigines were better off today, a group of protesters from the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra surrounded a Restaurant the PM and opposition leader were lunching in.

There is no doubt that security was caught flat-footed by the surprise protest, the fear on Gillard's face was palpable. Perhaps now she realises a little of the terror her US support/policies inflict on others.

As representatives of the mass murdering British Crown, Aboriginal protesters were justified in their non-violent attack on Gillard and Abbott. Justice MUST be served and compensation/reparations made for genocide and the destruction of numerous tribal cultures. Notwithstanding pursuing criminal proceedings in local and international courts against the Crown and Australian government for their GENOCIDAL policies and heinous treatment of indigenous Australians since the colonial invasion.
(story and 3 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Friday, Jan 27 2012, 6:13am
national / imperialism / other press

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