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text Nerve Gas To Be Used for Crowd Control in the UK staff report via gan, Wednesday, Feb 8 2012, 10:28am
Since the original release of the TV episode (below), scientists have developed a human transmissible strain of the deadly bird flu virus and puppet president Obama has legally granted the criminally corrupt US military the power to indefinitely detain anyone without trial or charge-- it doesn't get much worse, be warned!
international / social/political / other press

Duplicitous, Washington and Corporate lackey, Gillard image Oz PM JuLIAR Gillard Lives up to Her Name yet Again gemma, Wednesday, Feb 8 2012, 9:47am
Reprehensible LIAR and nationally reviled BITCH, Juliar Gillard, earned her reputation by serving foreign -- FIVE US military bases on Oz soil -- and Corporate/Banking interests (Carbon Tax) ahead of her own nation and its people; that simple! It was clear after her gut-turning address to the AMERICAN Congress (pewk) that the US had found the perfect obedient lackey in Juliar Gillard. (story and 1 image)
national / social/political / commentary

text Talisman quill, Tuesday, Feb 7 2012, 10:09am
surviving the abyss
international / prose/poetry / literature

volunia.jpg image Google's Search Algorithm Inventor Launches Rival Search Engine staff report via lynx, Monday, Feb 6 2012, 11:09pm
ROME — An Italian computer science professor whose development research was appropriated by Google, launched a new search engine and social media network on Monday that he hopes will challenge the US technology giant. [The world is in dire need of a neutral and fair search engine that is not in partnership with the CIA or other nefarious agencies as is Google.] (story and 2 images)
international / mass media / other press

text Truth, Lies and Afghanistan Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis via mitch, Monday, Feb 6 2012, 9:07pm
"Instead, I witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level."
international / peace/war / other press

text Iran Provoked to the Hilt sabre, Monday, Feb 6 2012, 11:47am
The same was done to Libya and look at the end result! By way of clarification, it should be noted that there is only one nation that desires war with Iran and that nation is Israel. So how is it Israel is able to exert so much influence over puppet president, Obama?
international / peace/war / other press

Polish MPs Protest ACTA in Parliament image Internet Freedom: European MPs don 'Anonymous' Masks in Protest of ACTA staff report via fleet, Monday, Feb 6 2012, 9:02am
The chances of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement becoming law in Europe dwindled suddenly on Friday, after Polish prime minister Donald Tusk said he was suspending ACTA's ratification in his country. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Jul 4 2012, 9:17pm
international / mass media / other press

text 5 Wars America Must End for Peace and Freedom to Prevail Eric Blair via gan, Monday, Feb 6 2012, 8:34am
I've arrived at the point that whenever I hear the word "war," I cringe. Even when that violent term is used in seemingly noble pursuits like the 'war' on poverty, or the 'war' on hunger. It's become apparent that all wars are destructive regardless of all good intentions. It has also become obvious that when the State declares war on a social problem, it is nothing more than an attempt to curtail our liberties and hard won freedoms.
international / social/political / other press

'We are no-one, we are EVERYONE!' image Hacker Vanguard Instills FEAR into Corporate Elites Muriel Kane via stele, Sunday, Feb 5 2012, 12:33pm
The growing Anonymous army of hackers and digital activists has EFFECTIVELY (look up that word Occupy) put 'the fear of God' into major US corporations and organisations. Compromised targets to date include numerous government depts, law enforcement, computer security firms and a host of financial and commercial organisations. The method is simplicity itself, full disclosure/EXPOSURE of all compromising information hidden from the public; everything from criminal collusion, to astounding incompetence. And things PROMISE to get much worse for corrupt criminal elites that have MUCH TO HIDE. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Feb 6 2012, 12:05am
international / mass media / other press

Corporate clown, Leon Panetta image Another Senseless WAR waged by the Avaricious and Mentally Unstable Andrew Murray via gan, Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 9:53pm
If we allow incompetent politicians and mentally disturbed Corporate elites to prosecute another needless war then the losers will be ALL of us! The author adds his voice to the growing chorus of SANE commentators, observers and analysts that base their assessments on previous debacles and criminal deceptions; every war waged by the criminal elites over the past decade has ended in millions of civilian casualties, massive destruction ("bomb everything") and huge social destabilization and MISERY. It's TIME to STOP these sociopaths and criminals before it's too late! An attack on Iran could easily escalate into a broader uncontrollable nuclear conflict. Non-state players are likely to exploit the situation. Be warned! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 10:13pm
international / peace/war / other press

pfcmanning.jpg image US Military to Court Martial Bradley Manning staff report via stan, Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 11:32am
The same corrupt US military that slaps killers of women and children on the wrist (no jail time for convicted civilian killers) is to court martial Bradley Manning for releasing evidence of war crimes to the public. The case PROMISES to be another classic military miscarriage of justice but this time probably ending in the crucifixion of whistleblower, Manning. (story and 1 image)
international / injustice/law / other press

mountain_mist.jpg image Morning Mist stylus, Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 9:42am
breaching time and space (story and 1 image)
international / prose/poetry / literature

text WAR is the Problem! nano, Saturday, Feb 4 2012, 2:32am
Are we so easily duped and beguiled AGAIN that we believe this or that NATION now poses a threat to the United States? The problem was not Iraq -- as the WORLD is NOW well AWARE -- it was/is the LYING, criminal, NEO-CONS implementing their PERMANENT WAR, PNAC agenda; both Rumsfeld and Cheney are on record pushing endless or 'long wars!'
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

text Digital Conference between FBI and Scotland Yard Hacked! lynx, Friday, Feb 3 2012, 10:41pm
The enemy is LAME -- it will soon dawn on the WORLD at large that the only group of truly FREE people on the planet is the ANONYMOUS, faceless, but devastatingly EFFECTIVE, hacker/warrior community -- We are ONE!
international / mass media / commentary

Nobel Peace Prize image CORRUPTION, not bad Judgement or Myopism judd, Friday, Feb 3 2012, 10:45am
Those who require evidence of criminal CORRUPTION on an INTERNATIONAL scale need only look at the ICC that allows a certain nation to kill civilians in Drone attacks almost daily. Or consider the concerted push to popularize puppet Obama and the absurd granting of the Nobel Peace Prize to a man that threatens people with Drone strikes in open press conferences and then emphasizes with the threat, "you think I'm joking?" (story and 2 images)
international / injustice/law / commentary

Rudd an Gillard, two bereft, servile, political Dunces image Washington ‘blew it’ with Gillard baz, Thursday, Feb 2 2012, 11:01pm
After backstabbing former PM, ‘show pony, do-nothing, hair dryer,’ Kevin Rudd, who it seemed decided to make some decisions for himself -- earning the ire of Murdoch and the White House in the process -- the powers, unaccustomed to their servile puppets in subjugated colonies not doing what they’re told, arranged for Gillard to replace Rudd, Roman Senate style. (story and 1 image)
international / social/political / commentary

talibanfighters.jpg image Leaked NATO Report Predicts Taliban Victory in Afghanistan Simon Tisdall via stan, Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 11:34pm
There is nothing surprising about NATO/US dunderheads finally grasping a point well known among historians, independent commentators and political analysts. Though we should never forget that marauding, thieving mass murderers are thin on intelligence. (story and 2 images)
international / peace/war / other press

tracebook.jpg image FaceBook was and is the greatest CIA (and Police) Asset ever Invented. watson, Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 9:38pm
Few people are aware that a CIA company, similar to the one in partnership with GOOGLE, was one of the original LARGE investors in the fledgling Facebook project. Well, it was money well spent as Facebook is now the most utilised data mining and surveillance resource that Police/CIA and other regulatory agencies have at THEIR disposal -- and YOU desperate morons fell for it. (story and 1 image)
international / mass media / other press

text Hey, Obama, "YOU will never see it coming ...., sven, Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 9:40am
It matters not that Obama is considered to be a servile lackey and puppet to the Corporations and Bankers; he is an educated aware person, therefore he must accept responsibility for HIS actions.
international / peace/war / other press

Incompetent JuLIAR Gillard image Gillard: Oz jobs culled by high Aussie Dollar? baz, Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 7:05am
According to Washington doormat PM, Juliar ‘Goldman Tax’ Gillard, the cause of local job losses is the high Aussie dollar not the despicable policy of Corporations (she serves) heartlessly dumping workers at the slightest whim. Oz workers are expected to be loyal, slave for corporations and endure reduced benefits, wages and conditions – their reward for making personal sacrifices their mangers and directors are loath to make, is the sack. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 8:54pm
national / social/political / commentary

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