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Water Pistol
by happy jack Monday, Jan 30 2006, 5:32am
international / peace/war / article

"..and they couldn't prevent Jack from being happy.."

The indices of war have been re-shuffled, but please don’t broadcast! The international mass media are loath to run in-depth stories highlighting the absurdity of the present war on terrorism; the ‘mouse’ has the elephant on the run. A handful of dedicated men have demonstrated to all the oppressed people of the world that man, not technology, is the most effective weapon in modern warfare. So-called low-tech weapons in the hands of superior minds are making a mockery of the propaganda of ‘super’ powers. It is extremely fortunate that the Chinese people have not yet asserted their prerogatives – contemplate those consequences for a moment!

BANKSY -- elephant
BANKSY -- elephant

The level of sophistication that modern weapons have reached is staggering, yet the military Goliath of the world, the USA, has pooped its pants over the actions of a few men, the whole nation is running scared. Recently, an innocent balloon prompted the evacuation of a number of Washington office blocks; the American people have contracted Bush’s fear virus; or more accurately, the strategy of (neo-con) propagandists has backfired. It is now evident to everyone that the world’s most powerful military is unable to deal with (micro-warfare) the small specific attack.

The geniuses who were supposed to plan for all contingencies forgot the obvious, ie, dealing with tiny, loosely knit groups that fight on domestic urban fronts. The new urban warrior has been born. By day he is your postman/technician/provider while in the evenings he subverts. The boy next door has become the ‘enemy’. Today, a ‘water pistol’ can easily be utilised as a weapon (not to mention a keyboard).

The mythology of superiority has been neutralised; reality has again intervened; there is no better weapon than dedicated humans; the hard facts have never changed. The urban warrior maintains his invisibility as a member of society while he quietly wages war – this war he cannot lose. With persistence, patience and dedication (the three most important weapons the opponent does not possess) victory is assured! [We are One].

We are those highly trained individuals you fired and rejected when you out-sourced etc; we have not remained idle. The knowledge that you rejected we have freely disseminated to the world, the kittens who fed on this ‘milk’ have become tigers. They have exceeded all expectations [they scare the shit out of this author!] If the public was aware of the amounts that are being pilfered from the financial institutions of the world they would immediately retrieve their funds. Soon those losses will severely impact the pretence of security that corporations and institutions like to promote. It’s all but over, we ‘own’ the wires and the systems are haemorrhaging to death. One by one you fall, we are in no hurry – life is for living not slaving for corrupt and greedy bosses.

We offer you no truce or quarter, however, we do promise you total defeat. Catch us if you can!

Katrina has demonstrated to the world that you lack a coordinated response mechanism; the huge amount of illegal drugs entering the US daily, advertises the fact that your borders are wide open. How many tons of contraband and various ‘goods’ today, Alice?

Could you please give us all an update and status report on the ‘War on Drugs’ and the ‘War on Crime’! “What a day for a day dream..”

attachment The Psychology of Revolution, Gustav Le Bon

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